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  1. The letter HT just posted should do it and rossendales were pretty quick at supplying me with my info. Took them a while longer to realise that you can't put charges on before visits but HT's letters will help you with that. It takes time to get sorted but you will get there just don't let them in the house, clear furniture out of the garden and hide the car if you have one.
  2. You definatley need a breakdown of fees as they can't usethe same levy for two years. Will have a look for a breakdown of costs letter.
  3. To: [NAME OF BAILIFF] BY HAND [DATE] Dear Bailiffs, Re: Your visit to [1st LINE OF ADDRESS] The council appears to have instructed you to recover council tax arrears/parking ticket from me however, as I have already cleared all debts therefore no money is due. This letter gives you notice that you are being denied peaceful entry to my home or to levy goods contained within and I will not be signing anything for you. This notice revokes your eligibility to charge a Walking Possessions fee or other fee relating to the handling of goods. Please be advised it is not a "criminal offence" to deny a bailiff entry to my property, if you suggest otherwise I will report you to the police under Section 25 of the Theft Act 1968 and you may receive a criminal record . Meanwhile please provide me with a written breakdown of your fees you have demanded and put it through the letterbox. A bailiff who dishonestly charges for work that has not been done will be committing an offence under the Fraud Act 2006. Section 2 of the Act specifically describes a person dishonestly makes a false representation and intends, by making the representation, to make a gain for himself or another, or cause a loss to another, or expose another to a risk of loss therefore, if no satisfactory refund is made to me within 24 hours from now I will automatically file a complaint to police under the 2006 Fraud Act and the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. If you have charged VAT on unlawful fees then you may be reported for VAT fraud and your documents will be given in evidence. If you are certificated, a Form 4 will be filed. This document has been passed to you by hand and a photograph of you standing outside reading it has just been taken as proof of delivery. I now ask that you quietly leave the property. Yours Faithfully YOUR NAME Borrowed from HT:p
  4. Hi flutterby first thing don't panic help is on its way, you need to start your own thread try clicking on New Thread on main bailiff page will contact admin for you. Now have they been in your house and have you signed anything?
  5. Not sure you need to PM TomTubby she and Hallowitch are the people in the know on here:) Keep at it and remember help is only a question away
  6. From what you have just said it looks like they may have a valid levy as they have performed it on the two cars. If you need one for work may i suggest you go and hide this NOW. If you can get them to agree to a payment plan then this does look like the best plan of action but don't offer 500 a month if you can only afford that this month ie make sure it is something you can stick too. the reason i say this is if you default then this is an excuse for them to add extra charges:( As HW says check with the ministry that this bailiff is not certified as this is the best defence at the moment unfortunatley the database is not always upto date.
  7. Are there any goods detailed on the Notice of Inventory? Think the time has come to request a screenshot of your account to find out when the visits and levy's apparently took place. HAs the bailiff ever been in the house?
  8. Indeed as you said its some breathing space and if the weather clears up you can at least let the kids play out again. MAke sure anypayments to them are made on the 10th or 11th each month then that way you can't fall foul of the famous defaulted on payment plan game they like to play. You still need that subject access report as that it what i think will get the fees taken off (hopefully) if it dosen't arrive in the forty day time limit send the follow up letter and if they say you still need to pay send a PO and letter stating that it is only for the ourpose of the SAR and nothing else. Well done binded hope you have your first relaxed weekend in a while.
  9. At least it will stop the bailiffs calling sounds like a result of sorts. Have they stated if the van fees and such will be removed from the account?
  10. Didn't you give your friend the recipt for it when you sold it a few months ago;) You really need to find out what its for council?parking ticket then you know who to ring and deal with. Do you take prescribed medication for your ME? Don't know if that matters but more info=more help try and PM TomTubby shes the expert on here. But we really need to know what this is for and how much may help.
  11. Did you send the cheque to the bailiffs or to the council the fees seem ridiculous to me. Which firm was it? Its fine to name and shame on here just not the actual bailiffs name company is fine. When is the CT from, have you seen the liability order?
  12. Right first things first, what's it in relation too (counciltax/parking ticket etc). How much did you owe, what were the fees and who did you pay. Sorry for playing twenty questions but will get more help if we know what your dealing with.
  13. It depends on who you paid the arrears to will get more response fazerman if you start your own thread in the main section. Will contact admin to move this for you.
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