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  1. Again sorry for the delay, so many things are going on. Welcome have traced me to my new address and their agents sent a letter saying their client sees no reason why I shouldn't pay ( I have in the past mentioned to Welcome that the agreement is void). I've left it at that. I don't know what to do apart from tow the thing to their offices and leave it there with a note on it!
  2. Hi folks, many thanks for your responses and sorry for the delay again. I have the original agreement and there is no PPI. It was rewritten Jan 2009 with the amount of credit being £6676. I think we have paid approx 1k of this
  3. Hey folks, sorry to bump my old thread but I need to get some clarity on this as I really don't know where to go from here! Since my last post I fell ill, pretty bad, long time in hospital. Now I'm recovered I still have this car, Sorned, outside my house (new address, Welcome don't know it). I did an HPI check on the reg and it states still in contract, money owed etc. What can I do? I can't scrap it or sell it and if I fix it and use it, what action will Welcome take when they discover it's being used and find my whereabouts? Or will they? Arrgh!! Thanks essexboy for your post, muc
  4. Hi everyone, I have a car on finance with Welcome Financial Services. Last year I fell into arrears when the fuel pump went (the car is a lemon unfortunately!). When we first signed the contract at Carcraft in Bristol the salesman stated that after 2 years with good payment history we could opt out. I attempted this last year after I got the fuel pump replaced but was told by Welcome that I would have to pay a termination charge etc etc - and it was around £1800. So! I had to have the loan rewritten. A guy came to my house and gave me a new credit agreement, needless to say heavily weight
  5. Thanks Happy Contrails, I subscribed with NACSA and am in the process of getting all the info I need before phoning them. Thanks also nightsurf, I have been paying what I can when I can (as little as it is!) - so hopefully that scrubs culpable neglect. I haven't had any response from Marstons since I emailed and posted copies of the HP agreements asking them to remove levy. My concern now is that, even though they would be acting illegally, will they just come and take the cars anyway and worry about the legalities later. That would screw me up completely as I use at least one of them regula
  6. Hi hallowitch, that's what I thought re no levy on property in my home, but wasn't sure. Thanks for clearing that up! Also, do you know if the bailiffs are still able to pursue this even though the 13 weeks are up? Many thanks
  7. Forgot to say.. Could the warrant he's talking about be a Warrant of Execution? What exactly is that? I know it applies to arrears up to £5000 and my arrears are £5600. What warrant could it be? Also, on the final warning before removal document he put through the door it states in print: "If you fail to make immediate payment we may re-attend your premises with a locksmith, remove goods in your absence (as instructed by the CSA and in accordance with the law) and sell these goods at public auction" Surely this is scare tactics and lies?? Besides nothing inside the house is li
  8. Hi Many thanks for your comments and invaluable advice and apologies for the delay in my reply (no broadband for a while! ) I had another visit from Marstons yesterday which works out to be 13 weeks and 5 days after the LO was issued. I was in, but hid in the kitchen! My mother in law who was here answered the door. The bailiff asked for me and my mother in law said I wasn't here, to which he then said he had a warrant to enter the property and told her exactly what it was all about. He then went to take details of my cars on the drive (both on HP not loans and are for my business - (I
  9. Hi, I've a right old situation here. I have CSA arrears of c.£6,000, a Liability Order has been granted and I've got Marstons on my back. I had no notification that the bailiff would visit, but he did 2 weeks ago. I didn't let him in. He put a note through the door demanding full payment and that he would return in 5 days to remove my posessions. They haven't visited again since then, but I received a letter through the post today from them stating that they have authority from the court to remove my goods unless I pay in full - last chance, but no time limit. The arrears is partly b
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