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  1. I haven't up to now. But I am considering such things. A company called Aspire Debt Solutions just called me out of the blue. I never made contact with them ever, yet the just ring my landline - I'm with the TPS so wasn't best pleased... They offer a debt management solution that is "government backed" to try and cancel interest, and consolidate debt making it more manageable to pay. Anyone done this? Is there a catch? I know it will affect my credit rating, but for how long? I want to buy a house at some point in the future... Any help appreciated. Also, I've been put off the Barclays charges claim after the news a few weeks ago - whats the latest? Is it still worth doing?
  2. Yes, I should be able to do that after a month or two. Once I've managed to get out of my overdraft enough to cover the expense. When (if) I get the bank charges back then that should pay off enough of the overdraft to enable me to cut the last card up...
  3. Thanks blueda, You're right I know I need to destroy the cards. My biggest problem here is one of them I sometimes use for work expenses... Not sure what to do here. I printed off an SAR for Barclays this morning and will send it with a postal order tomorrow morning. I cancelled Sky this afternoon as well. Not heard of Martin Lewis - will check that out first thing in the morning. I've had the CC debt, in some form or another, for about 16 years. I've shifted it from scheme to scheme to take advantage of 0% interest offers etc. I would estimate that the Egg account is from about 2003, MBNA from 2004 and American Express from about 2007.
  4. Ah cool, I didn't accept anything. I'll get the SAR off then tomorrow and keep you posted, thanks for the help.
  5. Hi all, I am trying to sort out the mess of debt I am in since I was a teenager. I have 3 credit cards: Egg: £7900 limit - at limit, paying off £450 a month, will not be using this going forward but maxed it after my wedding a couple of months ago. MBNA: £7500 limit - maxed, minimum payments. American Express: £2900 - maxed, minimum payments. I earn a minimum of £1800 a month (after tax). Commission can take my earnings up to about £2600 (after tax), with an average of about £2100 (after tax). I have a company car. My bank overdraft is £2300 and is currently maxed but I have an expenses claim for £1000 to be paid on 21st Nov. My balance normally drops to -£1500 before I get paid. I am in the process of claiming bank charges back. I was offered £800 as a good will gesture a couple of years ago which I never took. I estimate they have charged me about £2400 over the last 16 years. I am in the process of cancelling Sky and other luxuries that I simply cannot afford. I have been really stupid with money all my life. I work hard and used to play hard. I am trying to sort this all out as I now have a wife and don't want this to affect her life any more than it already has. Can anyone help me out with the best plan for getting out of this debt? Any help will be greatly received as I am only now facing up to this and pulling my hair out...
  6. I've read that I should cross out my signature on the SAR. I haven't read a good explanation for this though. Can anyone explain why?
  7. Thanks Slick. I will send the SAR today and keep the thread updated. I actually started this process a few years ago and was offered £800 as a good will gesture. I didn't accept the offer, but didn't reply or anything - I know, I know, stupid! Will this impact my situation?
  8. Oh, thats clever! After reviewing the thread after posting the first message it has added tool tips over "bank charges" and "6 years". This kind of answers my questions! So I can claim back to 1st Jan 1995. Now to find the Subject Access Request...
  9. Hi all, I have had my Barclays account for over 16 years now and receveid a lot of bank charges whilst I was at Uni and for a period of time after finishing. I have not received many charges over the last 6 years. I have read somewhere that I can only claim up to 6 years ago. Is this correct? If so, why? Thanks, Trevster
  10. Hi there, Just wondering - Phil, you said you only claimed back to 6 years ago. I thought I read elsewhere that you could claim back longer. Is this the case? Can anyone confirm if there is a maximum term?
  11. Thanks for te advice fox, its very much appreciated. I will start new threads when I get round to commencing my claims. Trev
  12. Thanks silverfox - will do that the moment my cheque book arrives... The letter says to cross out your name - whats that about? Also, the way you worded your message made me think that there may be a few things the subject access request may turn up other than just a PPI that I said no to. Am I right?
  13. Hi all, I am looking for some advice on how I should progress this situation. I signed up for an MBNA credit card a few years ago and am sure I never checked the check box for requesting PPI, yet have been paying it ever since day 1. I have on a number of occasions spoken with MBNA and have asked for a copy of my initial credit agreement. THey have never sent me a copy. What should I do? Any help appreciated, I'm in quite a lot of debt and need to start acting on it in any way I can. Sick of being taken for a ride by these corporate monsters! Cheers, Trev
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