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  1. Hi Exchange I've had another pretty postcard this week, this is my 3rd and still they dont visit me;). Also had the 60% discount promise, I just want them to proceed and take me to court. (think they have forgot that I have it in writing that they dont have my agreement). On another note though some guy claiming to be from crap1 did knock door last night was real shock but soon saw him off. Ang
  2. Capricorn I stopped paying as soon as I put account in dispute, thats why they getting so upset. Should I have continued paying them. Ang
  3. Hi Capricorn I have had a letter today from Customer Service Recovery saying due to high volume of such requests:rolleyes: we still require extra time. I am still obliged to make payments, as these collection activities are proper and reasonable, permitted by law even if the account is in dispute. As long as I am happy with the way they have dealt with my complaint (what complaint I made cca request). So I know have 2 similar apology letters and Default served in the flaming middle. Whats going on!! Ang
  4. Thebaglady I will keep to the payment plan i was amazed how helpful they were for me it was just getting the strength to phone them. Hope you get yours sorted out very soon, its a horrible place to be when you always stressed about debt. This site is the place to be though, the advice is priceless. Ang
  5. Hi SF Im so thrilled for you , well done first class job. Your thread has given me real hope to continue to stand up to MBNA and make them face the music. All the very best of luck to you and enjoy your wine Cheers Ang
  6. Hi all Yayyyy got there in the end. Ang
  7. Conniff I not mention liability order (forgot) but she just wanted a payment and set up a repayment plan. Thanks again
  8. Capricorn Go back into tinypics do you mean cause i went back onto my post but cant find remove attachment. Many thanks Ang
  9. Conniff I phoned them and got it all sorted out, they are not going to persue AOE. We have agreed a payment plan that im happy we can afford. Thank you so much for your advice and support. Ang
  10. Conniff Im bit nervous but should I phone council and ask why they did that after writing back to me.Dont suppose it do any good all this making me ill:mad:. Ang
  11. Spam How can i delete acc number from default shall i just remove whole post. Ang
  12. Conniff Dont know what a liability order is, they have said by missing payment we cant pay in installments but i wrote to explain and i received a letter back saying they would accept payments again. Then the AOE came 2 days later will his work have received one also. When will he know how much ang
  13. Conniff Oh my god he earns good money but i lost my job and we are really struggling. Based on those figures we going to be in real mess, why should they have this current years payed before end march 2010. Nothing outstanding from previous years. I wonder if they will speak to him at work or just deduct payments. He put it in writing that he would temorarily hold off further action. Probably not even worth ringing him what do you think. Thanks for information Ang
  14. Baglady Can you advice me please. We have been struggling with current year council tax payments, we missed couple of D.D. Then I wrote to them explaining our situation and that we are prepared to pay what we can. The Finance director wrote back saying under the circumstances he would give us bit of slack. Two days later which was last Thurs we received attachment of earnings form for hubby. We been so worried all week end we dont know if his work know yet he has been there 20 years and will be so embarrassed. Also how much will they take bill is 1100, if they take it all we wi
  15. Hi teaboy Yeah I know what your saying, but it doesn't stop them though does it. Then its real hard getting that default removed. Thanks for your comments. Ang
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