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  1. Yes I did actually pay by credit card. Thanks. Will look over properly tomorrow when I'm a bit more awake Oooh had a quick peak, useful if I can prove a breach of SOGA. Very interesting - thanks!
  2. Ok thanks, I've contacted the vendor who are assigning someone to 'my case.' Will use it once I get an email. Still in communication with Sony Support who are still asking me to carry out a 'full system recovery.' Asked them blatantly why they are refusing to repair or replace? Will see what they say. Don't want a Sony Vaio ever again, would be very disappointed if they actually offered me a replacement though they'll probably want to bill me for the hinges, apparently about £140 which I'll refuse.
  3. Hello, Could you please help? Not sure where to post as this also involves poor service from Sony not just the laptop purchase. Bought a Sony VAIO Fit E model SVF1421S1EB laptop for £444.88 and a 3 year warranty £44.00 in November 2013. In January 2014 the mouse started behaving erratically, contacted Sony who sent a lengthy list of things to do in an attempt to resolve which I deemed overkill as it involved a system restore which would have wiped my data and software - I opted for an external mouse instead. In May 2014 the hinge broke, contacted Sony who claimed I had dam
  4. Has anyone posted this one? Wall Street Journal ..http://blogs.wsj.com/iainmartin/2010/10/28/child-benefit-cut-unenforceable-treasury-in-a-flap/ It's progressively getting worse ... http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/unfair-childbenefit-cuts/
  5. OK admittedly after a long absence I panicked - plus my brain doesn't function as well after midnight! I'm calmly working my way through related threads as a refresher. I was also a bit disheartened that my county court claim against the LA was returned with a 'No Cause of Action' even though I felt the LA should be held accountable for using a firm with multiple judgements against it, so took an extended break. Anyway, I will go ahead and get my POC together and update this thread with progress. Thanks
  6. Hello thanks for your response ... As seen from my previous thread, it's been a while, as of the last time I posted I was under the impressio I could use form 4 - what did I miss? Also in Tomtubby's thread 'High Court Enforcement Officers fees....by JOHN KRUSE' there's reference to 'Schedule 3 of the High Court Enforcement Officers Regulations 2004.(3) Regulation 13' which I've never heard of! Not sure what legislation I'm supposed to be refering to now. Original PCN was £120, (£60 doubled by LA for non-payment), so would that be 20% of that or the £185.00 which is fine plus c
  7. Hello, My car was clamped on June 2009 by Marstons who were collecting for a Camden PCN. I paid £651 to get the clamp taken off. Following lots of hassle (SAR, complaint to ICO etc) got the following breakdown from them :- Penalty Charge £185.00 Letter Fee £11:20 Levy Charge £175.80 Attendance to remove £100.00 Vehicle removal charge £100.00 Credit Card Charge ie Card Fee £21.74 Plus VAT £60.30 (Penalty Charge includes court fees, there was also an HPI charge of £15.00 listed which the bailiff didn't actually charge, though he charged me a slightly higher Credit car
  8. The more I look into this the more I realise how many routes there are - it just depends on where you want to go. What I don't want is for them to get off easy - Say only one person out of 10 complains and consequently gets their fees refunded -end of, the company would still be raking in a healthy profit. The bailiffs need to change the way they operate or get the hell out of the business and the only way to ensure this is to take it as far as it can possibly go. On a separate note - got a very polite letter from the bailiffs yesterday, acknowledging receipt of my SAR and indicating t
  9. Having read quite a few bailiff horror stories I thought that I had just one relatively sane bailiff turn up due to the fact that I'm female and therefore posed little or no threat. But obviously there's no logic with these people! Totally outrageous! Hope BP's normalised now. I have checked out the screw the bailiff and its great - clarifies a lot of the legal stuff, in some cases judges see fit to award damages so good luck!
  10. No worries! Not like anything is going to happen any time soon; gives me something to mull over in the meantime
  11. I have a cousin who is a prison guard and he's a complete jerk, I feel sorry for the prisoners cos I can just see him lording over them and torturing them with his mean mouth and attitude. In fact I've spent a good deal of my adult life avoiding him. I was going to use a stronger word (than jerk) but I'll keep it clean for the sake of the more sensitive readers
  12. Absolutely. It was on this basis that I asked the question, sometimes circumstances make sticking to your morals difficult, and being human we do have occassional lapses, but I feel that we do know instinctively what's right and it's up to us to make the effort! A person can ignore their conscience to the point where it's completely stifled but in the end it will manifest one way or another and not in a good way. Therefore I'm completely for rehabilitation - bailiff debriefing and re-training in this case
  13. That is truly impressive! I was so harrassed, late for work, dropping kids off etc - I didn't put up much of a fight. the bailiff that came to my house was actually quite polite (not like gr's) and didn't enter my house at all (no need to as the car was clamped already) I sort of started feeling sorry for him on the basis that he's just trying to make a living but has the misfortune of working for a rotten company - obviously missed the series on BBC2 plus documentary - knowing fees were negotiable and he didn't even reduce them by a penny - that's so wrong. He must have seen the big dent
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