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  1. not just yours my mrs just the same get the f**k of th comp for a change
  2. can you expand on this where you might have heard it might changing to 3 years?
  3. not been round much too busy with other things it was a A Ferguson who sent the last letter not heard a word since that.
  4. I get the same when logging on to them. Just love there reason for doing it lol More like when you owe us money on your account we can phone you up and hassle you. They haven't got my phone number so just had a letter off them
  5. The European Court of Human Rights has ordered the Finnish Government to pay out €34,000 because it failed to protect a citizen's personal data. full info here or google it TLT Solicitors - Data blunders can breach Human Rights - August 2008
  6. lol you will love these i got. i do like par 3 of this letter then this nottice the 2nd letter was sent in may but they wrote the debt of in march in their last letter ermmmmmmmmm
  7. They tried the same on me we have already posted it please phone us if you have not got it. At one stage they even faked an agreement in an attempt to satisfy my request. Turns out they didn't have it either after 18 months of hell of them they decided to write it off.
  8. You enjoy your self this bank holiday in there reply you didn't get something like this ? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legalities/21097-help-no-response-copy-2.html#post249632 i think they will never learn if you did same old script still
  9. don't know about your right would be very funny them trying to explain their actions under oath without lying. Be a very long shot if the bank agreed for one of them to attend
  10. so thats why they are selling shares to pay your compo hoping to raise between 6 and 12 bln Like your MP said how many more of the banks are up to these tricks
  11. i would get your partener to get in touch with the IVA company anway and let them know what 1st credit and Barclays are up two. The IVA company should have an aggrement of BArcays to write off the remander of the dept.
  12. sorry to say a CCA request does not cover an overdraft
  13. you all so say they sent you a (Signed application page was illegible apart from signature) is it on a box like the page you all ready posted? Seems very strange that the rest of document is on a white back ground but your signature is on a greyed out box.
  14. Just notticed its a joint venture with RBS are they up to ther old tricks? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/11427-walton-rbos-23.html#post1272718
  15. Yes i agree the Signature box doesn't look right. Can you post the copy of the original signed application form so we can have alook at the boxes? May well be a cut and paste.
  16. This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest with what the Halifax are doing. This is there normal policy in that you have to be in 6 months in arrears before they issue you with a default notice. They did the exact same to me let me pay them £20 a month for 6 months then the default notice and passed straight to Blair, Oliver and Scott for a long term solution of the repayment of the debt. Debt wrote of now has no CCA provide.
  17. 1. keep hitting them over the head with a mallet.
  18. thanks for the inside on a DCA very good reading. whats it mean when we are not allowed to call you any more but you are still on the diallers. have you called to stop the calls?
  19. yes well done Paul. In the end i hope they will not think this is a just a one off and look at the other banks as well, they must know this goes on in all off them as well has you have seen with the docs i sent you.
  20. with what the cca are saying the default will drop after six years end of story. I know what you are saying and im not sure on this ie: keep showing default after 6 years or payments after it proped off no default but all payments shown to reduce the debt?
  21. ye seems strange that they are willing to nock of £18 of there paid referal fee which is normaly £35 as long as you are willing to pay them £10 a month. Do they know something we don't about the OFT test case.
  22. How long will credit account information remain on my report? Defaulted and settled accounts are kept on our records for six years from the date of default or settlement. After this time they are automatically removed. From Experian help pages.
  23. Never all be swept under the carpet
  24. responce letter is here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legalities/21097-help-no-response-copy-7.html#post798749
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