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  1. Hi, i can't offer any advice re the car but having gone through the process of bankruptcy i can tell you that i wasn't made to disconnect my internet or mobile phone and I was still able to privately rent my house and have a basic bank account for direct debits/bills. If you have any questions you should ring the OR, you may not know exactly who has been assigned to your case but someone within the insolvency service should be able to help.
  2. Hi everyone. My husband received a letter from ACS Law a couple of months ago saying he had illegally down-loaded a XXX title in May of last year. I know he didn't do it (it's not that I'm very trusting we were out of the country on holiday at the time when they alleged it happened!). I sent a reply letter to ACS based on the template I found here and we didn't hear anything back from them until the other day when we got the standard second letter about "generic responses" I've drafted another letter to them now pointing out that it doesn't matter if the letter we sent them was a template it doesn't change any of the facts and I've included the emails for our hotel and flight bookings for the date they say the movie was downloaded. I'm so annoyed about the whole thing to be honest, it feels like utter harassment. I've decided if they write back again rejecting what we've said I'll just send them a letter telling them to take it to court. I'm seriously considering taking legal advice on counter claiming for harassment.
  3. Hi, I'm just looking for a bit of advice. In May last year I was forced to declare myself bankrupt (I didn't owe enough to go for an IVA). I've continued to receive letters from debt collection agencies. I've contacted the receiver about these and have spoken on the phone and/or sent letters to the debt collectors informing them of my circumstances. I sent a copy of my bankruptcy order and details of the official receiver to one company Iqor recovery services but they are continuing to send me letters threatening me with court action to recover the debt (which was definitely included in the bankruptcy). I don't know what further I can do, they've been made aware of the situation but continue to hound me anyway. Any advice? thanks
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