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  1. I really shouldn't google these kinds of things! I've just been reading about "Formal Cautions and Administrative Penalties" it seems that the latter would not leave a mark on my enhanced CRB, but the former would - is that correct?
  2. Thank you Gezwee, that makes me feel a little better. I feel like such a numpty.
  3. Forgot to add, if it makes any difference, the underpayment must be around £132.
  4. I've literally just realised this evening, 6 months down the line... I get a 25% single occupancy discount on my council tax, and have been since January 2009. However my partner moved in with me in February this year. I pay by direct debit so never even think about it going out each month, it just gets paid. I also earn a reasonable wage, so didn't even think about anything to do with any kind of benefits when he moved in. I also found out tonight I should inform Child Benefit (although I fail to see why this is...). That is the only other benefit I receive. I'm now in a major panic
  5. Oh I know about failure to display! I can't order online, as the Tax Disc is sent to the address on the registration certificate, which is still in my previous address, as I have moved in the last 2 weeks.
  6. Ah, problem solved! With a little further digging, I have managed to find out what I need to do. Fill in a V10 and take it to 'selected Post Offices' with the relevant documents and registration certificate, and bingo! Job done! Just have to find out which 'selected Post Offices' it means... I think I will assume it means any PO which does Car Tax...
  7. I have just sat down to tax my car online as it is due by the end of August. However, I have just moved house, and I know that I won't get the renewal, as I haven't sent off the regestration certificate yet. I figured the next best thing would be to do it online, and have the tax disc posted to me, as this would negate the need for the renewal form. But nope, nothing is ever that simple. Can't do it online, as the tax disc is posted to the address on the regestration certificate. Arghhhhhhh! I am going to call the DVLA tomorrow morning (if they are even open!) to find out
  8. My partner was dismissed from his job on 1st June 2007. He appealed, and was unsuccessful. On 17th August he made a claim with the Employment Tribunals for unfair dismissal. The company (major retailer) have until 12pm Monday 17th September to reply. I suspect that they are simply not going to submit a response. Reading the information supplied from them, if they dont reply by this date, then a judgement may be issued. However, there is no further explaination of this. What does this mean? Who will make the judgement? How long will this take? What will my partner need to do? Will my
  9. Hiya Jim, this is what the lady said when I called the helpline for PC World! Didnt do a thing unfortunately! I really dont understand why its doing this... I think its either something to do with the connection, or its overheating in someway.... It seems to charge after about 5 hours of 'downtime'.
  10. Hiya, This is a rare moment that the laptop is currently charging. Bookworm - the laptop is exactly 6 months old today (purchased 6th feb) problem was reported on 4th Sept, collection is on 10th Sept. To be honest I dont want it to go away for repair, as its a lifeline to me, I really rely on my computer for a wide variety of reasons. I will try the site suggested - thanks! I called a PC repair centre today, who said they could fix it in 7 -10 days for £95, which is more than I would be happy to pay. I dont have any confidence in PC World, and the length of time I will be withou
  11. Just read the other thread, so thought what the hell, see if anyone has got any advice to give. My Acer Laptop is only 6 months old, so PC World have arranged to collect it for repair, however I really dont want anything to do with PC World's system (stupid me for buying it from them!) and dont want it to go away anywhere. So if anyone has any advice it would be appreciated! The laptop wont charge. It wont run of the mains, and wont charge the battery. The problem started on monday. Last night I got it to work again, after arranging collection for next monday, and taking it down to the
  12. I cant remember which account, but I know it was on a card. It could actually be my OH's credit card. Which was closed down by the bank after dp requested his statements. Actually thats a point. I can check his statements. Where do we stand with an account they shut down? Can we still claim off it?
  13. Any idea's on how to go about having no recipt? I have a letter from them dated sept last year advising me to take out their extended warentee (which I didnt) so they obviously have record of me buying it...
  14. Hiya Forest, thats one of the things me and my stepdad did - recovered the system. Didnt do anything for it im afraid. Problem was still there afterwards. It would just reboot itself after a random period of time. Ie after 30 seconds, 2 minutes. Longest it ran was for 30 mins when I got some new antivirus softwear and tried to down load it. The other problem was it took us ages to recover the system, as it kept rebooting while we were doing that!! I did consider making a claim on my house insurance, under accidental damage. But considering I havent damaged it in any way, I dont particular
  15. I have just joined Unison, as I am now in full time employment. I recently recieved all the bumpf they send when you start. I was appalled to recieve a letter from Unison themselves, advertising an external service, and saying you should use them to claim back any overpaid tax. The worst thing about it, is that the company take 60% of whatever you are owed!!!!!!!!!!! So if you are owed £1000 in tax back, you only get £400... how can that be right?! And should Unison be endorsing something that is your legal right anyway, and which can be sorted out fairly simply yourself. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr
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