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  1. Hi All, I have received my third letter today asking me for the original amount and 'if you decide not to accept the Offer Sum we will rely on CPR 36.14 if the matter proceeds to court and a judgement is obtained at or in excess of the amount claimed' Is anyone recommend I do anything else? To send a third letter of denial? Many thanks,
  2. EVERYBODY, I received a few weeks ago a letter from them asking me for £500 about a gay porn video I downloaded last year in June. The sad thing is during the date they are quoting I was in a different country, no one was in my house at the time and I got proved of that. I have sent my first letter of denial from the templates mention before in the thread and also a letter to the OFC, SRA and my local MP. The OFC and SRA they are going to investigate and they will let me know, my MP has not even acknowledge this, guess who is going to vote for him in the next elections, lol. I h
  3. I just received this morning a letter refusing to accept my letter of denial and unless I pay they will start proceedings agaist me. The honest true is that I have evidence that I did not use the computer on that date. Is anyone having the same problem?
  4. Hi everybody, I got my letter back from the SRA and they are going to investigate the activities of this company ACS:Law. Also, I got another letter back from the IOC and they are going to look into this. For once seems that the system is working. I encorauge that everybody do the same letters from previous thread to makes the complains.
  5. Andy, When I was referring about that they are not listed , just quoting what in the post office told me from their computers. It may be you are right they are just renting from this property management company. On the second letter I got the same answer it belongs to someone else. Coincidence or just bad records from the post office? Not disputing them, just for everybody to think about this... I will know by Monday if they receive them. I am not discouraging anyone to send the letter the other way around, please do as soon as possible.
  6. What a surprise!!!! The other address is also register to a company called Advanta not to ACS:LAW. I sent both letter to the two adresses just in case. Now just waiting until Monday to see if they arrive.
  7. I have just posted the letters and how funny but the address that ACS:Law is quoting in their letter is belonging to a company for property management. The address I sent is: 18 Hanover Square, London, W1S 1HX. I saw in the in a the back of the letter there is another address 83 Victoria St, London SW1H 0HW. Is anyone else having the same problem? Which one is the right address? Thank you
  8. CitizenB thank you for this, I just finished writing the letter of Denial, a letter to my MP, a letter complaining to ICO and a letter complaining to SRA using the templates mention earlier in the threat. Do I need to send any more letters to anyone else? I don't mind and I will fight this even if they send me to court it will impossible to prove that I was using the internet at the time.
  9. Morning everybody, I received a letter from ACS:Law asking me for £500.25 for copyrights infringements, I am very dissapointed as during the date and the time they are quoting I was not in the country. I have been reading the comments from everybody else and the link and they are very useful although yesterday I was more willing to pay just for the fact that they accused me to distribute a gay - porn video and I was afraid of the consequences of the scandall. I am planning to use the templates for LOD from the previously quote website and sending this to them and the letter template t
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