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  1. Ok, that makes sense but in real terms what are the chances of actually succeeding in this? I have an offer of the money but it may not be around for long. Also I have 2 other defaults that will get in the way on any future lending (not that I have any intention of borrowing any time soon!) so removing this default may be irrelevant.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. When you say ALL negative data, does that include the original default? Or is that a bit too much to hope for?
  3. Hi there, I've been attempting to negotiate with good old Blair Oliver and Scott over an old IF, now Halifax CC. I've reclaimed charges, CCA'd (looks legit) and now I have some cash to make a full and final offer of about 70% of the debt at most. I wrote to them and was asked to call (I know, never talk but I did) and they made a 70% offer. I was about to accept as long as they put it all in writing when the guy told me it'd be marked as partially satisfied on my Credit report. This worries me as I believe this means the rest of the debt will be forever 'lurking in background' and
  4. Hi there, thanks to a recent windfall I'm in a position to settle with most of creditors which will mark the end of several awful years, however I have a couple of questions regarding my credit file. 1. Under financial relationships there is an entry for my ex from Nemo financial. I've never had any dealings with them, although they called me when I was rejected for a consolidation loan from elsewhere a couple of years back. Does this mean my ex has borrowed with them and because we were, until recently, joint mortgage holders and had a joint account it counts as a mark for me? Is there a
  5. This appears to be a standard letter- I got one too. Basically trying to scare people off persuing any legal action, even if they are going for different arguments to the test case.
  6. They are for a current acount and the charges are a mix of overdraft fees and bounced cheque/DD etc charges.
  7. Just got a letter 'General form of Judgment or Order' asking for the case to be struck out as it is the same as the test case. I need to prove it is not but how! Are there new PoCs I can use?
  8. Hi there, just need to check something. Although this is joint account I only put my name on the court papers. The maggots at 'Triton Credit Services' (aka natwest) are now constantly ringing for my partner (the other name on the account). Can they do this or is the account in dispute for both names regardless of who is on the court papers?
  9. I think it is the OFT case, I'll check the exact name when I get back but I seem to remember the OFT case being refered to as Abbey and others vs. someone. The fact that judgement has already been passed (as you say in november) makes me a bit suspicious about their actions. Why ask for a stay until a case has been settled when the case has been settled? Do you think it is a mistake on their part?
  10. Hi there, I've sent the AQ and I think it's all ok. Waiting for the next stage by preparing the docs I'm going to use. I recieved Cobbetts AQ yesterday and it is asking for a stay until the Abbey vs others case is resolved. Am I right in thinking this is/was the test case that has indeed been resolved. It makes me think that Cobbetts are just hitting the standard reply button every time. Oh by the way this is for Bank charges, not credit card charges.
  11. thanks for that. I've had a good read and think I understand. Is there any advice about filling in the application questionairre?
  12. Hi, its been a while since an update. They've sent through a defense that I now need to trawl through. Does anyone know what the next stage is? Should I scan some elements of it and post or PM a mod person? Its all a bit real and scary now, lots of legalese. Happy Christmas by the way.
  13. Thanks for that- I took these from the Nov 25th update on the templates but I think you have a point there. I'm going ot be ammending them anyway as what is above was not my original POC.
  14. I'm not sure when I need to respond by. All Corbets/Natwest have done is acknowledged to say they are going to defend. Am I right in thinking they now have another 14 days to file a defence or ask for more time (as the left it to the last minute to acknowledgement). I got the form number wrong but I think I can still ammend them but can I still do it after the defence has been filed?
  15. Hi there. These are the POC's I'm going to send with forn (I think) N215. The lady at the court said I could send that along with a covering letter. I'll admit my original POC were scant as I expected to be stayed for a good long time only to find the test case ended. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Particulars of Claim The Claimant has an account xxxxxxxxx("the Account") with the Defendant which was opened on or aroundxxxxxxx The account was conducted on the basis of the defendant’s own standard terms and conditions. At all material times the
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