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  1. no mention of any consent order though? They just said they were writing to the court today to request the set aside.
  2. After an initial very encouraging phonecall, they have called back to say that my letter is now 'under review' and they'll get back to me next week sometime.
  3. Decided not to wait for letter, spoke to them on the phone just now. They said they will call back shortly "hopefully with good news"
  4. Thanks Andy. I'll revert to original plan then and just write asking them to consider an agreement for set aside. I'm also doing an SAR MB
  5. Actually using good old Google, I think I've got the gist of things now. I'm going to write to Eon explaining that I never received any of their correspondence in regards to the court action. I am going to inform them that I would have paid had I received any of this correspondence. I am going to inform them that I paid in full within 2 working days of receiving the order. I am going to ask them to consent to having the CCJ set aside. I am going to included a simple draft consent order for them to sign. Something like this: UPON THE
  6. Thanks Andy, so how does the consent order get handled? Should my first contact by letter include a drafted consent order, asking them to agree it? MB
  7. Can I just check my understanding on things? Can Eon request that the judgement be set aside without me making an application to the court? I may have misunderstood things here as the reason I was writing to Eon was to try and achieve this. I'm now starting to to wonder if I have to make the application no matter what?
  8. I asked for all of the PT. I got a single letter through the post with no information whatsoever other than telling me to contact Eon. MB
  9. Thanks WD. This simply gets more and more incredible. So, a company like this can use any old street address to sue you, even though they are in possession of ALL of your current contact details- and the only way you discover this has all happened and they have managed to get a court judgement against you- is that they contact you at your CURRENT address to let you know it has happened! At this stage, the only one holding any document in regards to this action is the offender themselves! Sorry for the rant but this beggars belief. Should I SAR them before I write to them asking th
  10. Hi All so I wrote to the Court requesting all documentation concerning this case, explaining that Eon had used the wrong address and that none of the documents ever reached me. I received a letter back from the Court informing me that they have none of the documents as the whole thing was 'done online'?
  11. My interpretation of things is thus: I should write a letter to Eon confirming that I paid the amount in full within 2 business days of having any knowledge of it. Remind them that they used the wrong address to take action and that had I known I would have paid before any such action was taken. Ask if they will have the CCJ set aside and sweeten the deal by telling them if they have it set aside I will not pursue them for the additional fees that they added (over £1000). Worth a try or waste of time?
  12. I have taken further advice and have now been told of an option to seek a Consent Order to have the judgement set aside. Does anyone have any experience of this? MB
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