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  1. Chancer. As long as you have not engaged his services with a signed contract. He's nothing to legally claim for tell him to put up or shut up.
  2. Not what you want to hear, but i'd not do anything without a conveyancing solictor's advice. It's a potential minefield covenants on the land etc. The picture you paint sounds like you'd be buying an island of land surrounded by someonelse's with the potential of them blocking access.
  3. Complain away. They prob tried to spoof you. Probably works on some people. As long as the car in in average condition for age wear and tear etc you aren't liable for any costs.
  4. Argh. Stumbling block then. Unless you get a witness statement from concierge detailing conversation.
  5. Your lease trumps everything have a good read through. Chances are it states you are entitled to a car park space, if there is no mention of permits etc within the lease you're free and clear. Shame you never sent a copy to popla.car in your name v5 etc lease in your name, your entitled to park.
  6. Had a few over the years. Once you give them short shrift they don't usually come back. They're on commision so no point flogging a dead horse. Don't be scared to be at home. If they do knock there's nothing stopping you telling them to foxtrot oscar from the window.
  7. The claims guys do it for you. Then you ditch them with all the account numbers in hand. Worked for me.
  8. Done it myself. Let them do the donkeywork obtain account no's etc then tell them when they phone you're doing it yourself. They stop mithering then.
  9. Get something recent if you send an old letter in with your current address they'll prob fine you for not updating the licence sooner.
  10. If they're offering discounts from the off set 99% it's unenforceable. Get a cca request off asap. If the agreement was from 98 liklihood is its non compliant or non existant.stay off the phone do everything in writing.
  11. Plus cortesy car costs if applicable. This could drag on for months with them funding a hire car which they'll be kedn to avoid. Do some googling though and don't let them fob you off with a rubbish price for your car. Happened to me a few years back started to involve the ombudsman an their offer doubled overnight. They just shaft you if you aren't switched on.
  12. Save yourself whatever the 10% is. Let sleeping dogs lie. Phone no one. If they're offering such a massive discount 99% it's unenforceable otherwise they'd have you in court.
  13. Invite you to withdraw your defence?? They know they've no chance else they'd have just steam rolled you in court spot of chancing their arm i think. Trying to get you to converse with them. If the statment the've enclosed is the last paymentbyou made in 2009 the debtbis no statute barred anyway. Their case is stayed i presume?
  14. Fishing. The account will prob be SB'd as you state as it goes on the last payment or acknowledgement of the account not the default date. Default date will be a few months after 1st payment missed. In any event you've only got to wait 3 weeks and it's SB'd in their own eyes
  15. Keep your head down for 12 months. Don't contact anyone let sleeping dogs lie. Fingers crossed they'll drop of you credit file next year and your clean and fresh.
  16. Just keep ignoring them. Google it. Loads of threads on here. Nevervtake anyone to court, full of hot air!
  17. Chargeback with your bank. They hate doing it. They'll tell u to go back to the company negotiate etc tell them to crack on and do the chargeback.
  18. Move any vehicles that aren't on finance. Keep your door and widows locked and just speak to them thru the window. They pray on fear and intimidate accordingly. I personally would tell them to do one. Unless you live in amansion you'll not have 12k worth off stuff at auction anyway. Front them all the way. They'll get bored and move on to the next mugbwith easy pickings. They can't have what you haven't got.
  19. Chargeback. Be quick. You'll not get them in court foreign juristiction
  20. Sad that. Poor kid earning a few quid,now that sounds like exploitation £90 for a course! I'd probably do a few flyers and let the parents of the kids she helps know what's going on. They pay for these lessons i presume?
  21. Just makes you wonder what the rest of their divvies are doing off camera!
  22. I'm a little bit put out to be fair, my post was perfectly civil, if working whilst claiming is now socially acceptable my bad!!
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