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  1. I'm not so bothered to be honest, it's my old man that craps himself when things like this land in the post. Probably the very reason people like this are making money
  2. Ah, now I know that - wish someone had mentioned Graham White's before. I know I've been silly and now that the red mist has settled I regret it, I just loose it when it comes to nasty letters from solicitors... Anyway, I made our intentions clear to their call centre staff member who said he fully understood me. I shall kept a recording of the phone call just in case...
  3. An update: As I've been dealing with this on behalf of my father I (as in not my father) have received a threatening letter from Graham White Solicitors of Surrey I've phoned them (solicitors) and told them not to write me threatening et all and to write to the person who has the PCN issued etc. I've also told them that we are happy to attend court and not to write to us any more. Failing this we will be looking to take legal action against them for harassment. What you guys think? R
  4. lol - one trillion dollars, might have to get one of them for the kids this christmas. Just imagine the playground when they go tell the other kids they got a trillion dollar note for xmas
  5. Well ended up phoning them and they said to just fax in a copy and they would cancel it. They had sent some handheld ticket units back for re-flashing and forgot to check them before they went out on 'patrol'. The guy laughed when I offered to pay him in Zimbawean $ Anyway, another happy ending. Cheers guys, Rich
  6. Told him abt the Zimbawean dollar idea and he's up for it - lol
  7. He's dropping round with it one night this week so I'll get it scanned in and post...
  8. LOL - I considered that but never thought about Zimbawean dollars - classic !
  9. Whilst I was posting about a fine a friend of mine got in dollars I thought I'd update this thread. To date I have had nothing back from VCS other than a letter from them on the 13th July confirming that they understand I want to go to court and they are going to pass the matter to their 'litigation team', oh and they still want £120. I'm on the edge of my seat...
  10. Hi All Just thought I would run this past you all. A friend of mine has received a parking fine in Bradford from the council. We're going to go check signage etc (anyone got info or a link to what they should look like?). Strange thing is the charge is for 35 dollars? Do you think this is grounds for contesting the ticket? Best regards, Rich
  11. You owe me a new keyboard, this one is full of spit and coffee ;-)
  12. Guys 1st of all thanks for all the advice, you're all legends... Trying to play a straight bat I as I tend to do I sent a few letters in our defence to VCS. Just kept getting letters back saying no further appeals will be accepted, no letters will be responded to (although they did), we'll take you to court, pay within 7 days etc. So as per the advice I'm going to ignore this now as I had my fill of snotty letter writing this quarter. I'll update thread if necessary - if I post no further updates on this matter may I say thanks again for all the help and advice. Regards, Rich
  13. Hi all, New to the site, have to say that it great and has lots of useful info. Thanks in advance to all the contributors to the site. Anyway, to the matter in hand. My father has received a Parking Charge Notice for failing to display a valid ticket in a Pay & Display area in Leeds. He has in fact purchased and displayed the ticket although the machine that dispensed it didn't print it that clearly (which I think is the reason for the charge). Before I landed on this site I wrote a letter for him to send them refuting the charge and enclosed a copy of the ticket purchas
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