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  1. Hi All We have 2.5yrs left on our IVA, no defaults everything is fine. My question is next year we will get approx 40k from my wifes mums estate. Do we have to declare this and if so how will this affect the IVA ? Im pretty sure we could pay everything off with this money (would rather not though given the choice) our circumstances have changed now we have 2 children. So can we "hide" the money from them ? it will not be in our bank account but one the solicitor had set up. Dont want to do anything illegal but would just like to enjoy the money and put some into the bank for the kids. regards
  2. Hi All Im new so sorry if this is in the wrong forum. My sister had recieved a letter from a debt collection agency to her address in my name demanding payment for a debt that is supposed to be in my name. The credit was applied for (allegedly) by me at my sisters address. Now I have NEVER been registered at my sisters address, Never been on the electoral register at her address and have not had anything on credit since i met my wife over 6 years ago. My sister is getting worried by the letters as she thinks it could be affecting her credit rating as she is the homeowner, Im going to ring the DCA on friday does any one know what I should say , if anything, or should i just send them one of your letters ? My sister has told them i have never lived there but they are just saying its on our records and keep sending her letters. Any advice would be welcome Regards Jasonc123
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