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  1. Hello all I have just lost my job and want to consider VTing my car I am 3 payments away from half way. Which will be 50%. What I would like to know can I now VT and negotiate with black horse on the final 3 payments or do I have to wait until half way is reached. Your help is appreciated.
  2. Yes i have a copy if the original welcome sent it to me when i complained.
  3. Thank you I'm not the best when computers are concerned.
  4. Hi dx sorry for the delay i got called away with work. I never used the fos questionairre i used the resolver website. Here is the pdf file dx thank you bd1972.pdf
  5. Yes the loan ran its full course i will pdf letter tomorrow.
  6. I have a copy of the original welcome sent me it when they denied it was anything to do them
  7. Hi All I haven't been on in a while but i have been doing some ppi reclaiming and have had success with Egg Lloyds and a very old TSB account. However I'm not having much luck with Welcome and aviva. I wrote my complaint to Welcome who investigated and told me they had gone bust but my policy was with Aviva so try those. i have and over the weekend they turned down my complaint. told me i can take it further if i don't agree with their outcome. also in a separate letter they offered me £90.27 can anyone shed some light as why they would offer this it is nothing to do with them
  8. Everyone in the industry would prefer a private buyer this way we move with new technology. If it were to be nationalised the investment would not be there. So as a worker i would prefer a private buyer. Its not a failed industry far from it. Just the goverment allowing foreign companies to run our power supllies and charging double what they do in Europe. Its a bit like when we bailed the banks out. I didnt have enough savings for it to effect me personally but yet they used my taxes on that. So what is the difference?
  9. As i currently work for the said steel company at one their specialised steel plants. I know we do not export China however these tariffs will have a detremental effect on Tata as those companies who do export there will stop and resell in our markets at possibly a cheaper price. Therefore jeopardizing the other tata sites. Unfortunately the goverment as been way to slow to react as was their predecessors. As we have been making a loss for a lot longer than is being advertised. Now all the talk if assisting a new buyer with cheaper energy and various other loans and offers. Why could they not do this years ago when Tata said they were struggling. It sounds daft but its a bit like switching between Sky and Virgin if you were loyal to one you get nithing but if you join the other you will get all sorts thrown at you as a sweetner. Instead of just giving you a better deal for staying loyal.
  10. Its a palindrome. Spending my time on the crosswords as come in handy then.
  11. Halifax will allow you a standard chip and pin. Just ask when you request a new card. My partner asked on the last issue of her card and it was no problem.
  12. Thanks dx100uk i will sit tight at the moment and see what happens.
  13. Thanks Dx thisis the best i can at the moment as im on a mobile.
  14. Hello everyone im bringing back to light this case. Due to a changes in my life. I never finished paying off the account i dont dispute debt but do dispute the amount. over the weekend i received a letter from bryan carter who as been instructed to open a court case to reclaim outstanding amounts. It doesnt seem to be a normal threatogram. So im a little concerened. At the moment it does say IF they goti court. My question is should i send anything in response now to try and nip it in the bud or wait until i recieve some court papers. As i have read on another site about requesting various statements and assignments to nip mr carter intge bud before he gets started. Many thanks For all your help again
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