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  1. has anyone got anymore info that they can help with me please ?
  2. Also as it was gateshead county court do i need to send it registered post so that i know they get. But what about the land registry office the letter states that if i dont respond by the 19th they will think that i have no objection?
  3. hi the shadow So i can fill out an N244 form on the grounds that i could not defend myself due to me not getting any paperwork from the courts,is this right
  4. hi Heres what happened i got a ccj in the post from gateshead county court from northern rock ,for which i did not get any forms the county court for me to defend my case now northern rock want to put a charging on my house i got a letter from the land registry for an interim charging order on my house and a court date for 22nd september at gateshead county court for which i can not travel up there as i do not have the money and resources for this. Now i have written a letter of ojection to the land registry and i also thought that i had to send one to the courts ,im starting to
  5. It is for an unsercured loan with northern rock,i have just wrote an objection letter to the courts and i am going to post it off ,does this mean it will be transferred to my local county court then .
  6. hi Can anyone help on how to change a court venue as i have a county court date in gateshead newcastle but i live in tonbridge kent and theres no way im travelling up there Any ideas please
  7. so lily does that mean that the debt is not enforceable !!
  8. here is the cca that 1st credit sent me when i cca ed them can anyone have a look please i have had to zip it can i have feedback on this please skycard.zip
  9. thanks for the advice but i dont have a clue how to get it set aside and i dont know how to fill the forms out or what forms to use or where to go can anyonehelp me with these thanks
  10. Sorry lily but i seem to be a bit lost as what to do with the infromation that you have post for me ,i have been reading different posts on this subject and many people seem to do many diffrent things ,perhaps its me being stupid but i seem to be losing the plot a bit with how i should go about this ,some people get them set aside others say ignore them and the dca's wont do anything cost it would cost them too much money to do it. the person named on the stat demand is busy,i did not leave my name or any details so they didn't know i was calling them . also how do you go about repor
  11. hi thanks fo the replies, in answer to lily yes there are charges on there but there is no ppi . im going to phone them ad ask for the name on the sd but what should i do if there is someone by that name?
  12. hi i got a stat demand from the above dca i phoned them offering to pay £5 a month which they refused and said they would only accept £109 a month which i cant afford it all started last year when i was made redundant and could not afford to pay my debts ,i found employment in dec 09 but for half the wages i used to earn i told them all this and also explained that i was struggling to pay my mortgage as well but the person on the other end of the phone didnt really care at all about my family or my mortgage commitments ,such as utility bills and council tax i did cca them last and all i g
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