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  1. I attached all I received, so no. What does this mean?? I'll have to have a good read of that thread tonight. Thanks
  2. Hi As it says on the tin... Is the Credit Agreement attached all in order? thanks in advance Egg Credit Agreement.pdf
  3. Right okay. So what do I do now, sit tight until the 25th has passed?
  4. As I have not got the envelope to prove they sent it 2nd class, is it worth going down that route?
  5. What is the consequence of a defective default notice?
  6. Did'nt keep the envelope.. is that a problem? Is the credit agreement enforceable??!
  7. I've just received a default notice from MBNA, but I dont think I've kept the envelope! why is this significant?!
  8. Hi Requested a copy of my credit agreement a while ago from MBNA. Heard nothing until yesterday, when two letters came from them. First came the copy of my credit agreement - I'm no expert, but does not look right to me - can someone have a look (attached below) Then followed a default notice - I have missed payments in the passed, but in recent times I had been paying an agreed amount, which stopped last month when they did not come up with a credit agreement and defaulted. I have attached both documents and letters as I received them What is the best course of a
  9. the next payment on this account is due in the next week or so... Just wondering If I can get anyone's opinion on the credit agreement I posted above??!
  10. Certainly, no problem I've attached the file Credit Agreement - Funding Corporation.pdf
  11. Hi guys, wondering if anyone can help me? I took a loan out a few years ago now and recently requested a CCA agreement from the funding corp... They sent me a copy, but to my surprise, there was PPI. Even though I've signed the agreement, I'm 100% sure that I have NEVER agreed to pay PPI! Anyways, I dont have a clue where to start, how to challenge the PPI or even If I can challege it at all... Can anyone advise or point me in the right direction? Many thanks
  12. well well, look what dropped through the door... credit agreement from HSBC. Can someone have a look and see if everythings in order? HSBC Credit agreement.pdf
  13. I know. I was very young and very stupid. Nowadays I would never agree to anything like that!
  14. This is all there was - it was the only page... I was very surprised to see PPI - I think PPI is pointless (opinion) I have obviously signed it, but I did'nt read it properly!
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