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  1. mine's the same, 50mb/s package, lucky if I get 5mb/s!! one tech advisor said the UBR (a router in their exchange) for our area needs replacing so all the download speeds here are down. It might be the same where you are. I believe they are oversubscribed and can't deliver 'superfast' broadband, but they won't admit this in their customer service department or reduce our bill. All they do is blame our PC when there is nothing wrong with it, I actually laughed when they said it was a virus (I use linux not windows, now they blame linux instead!). So I'm going to OFCOM, I was looking for ad
  2. Thank you all for your replies & I have taken all of your advice As we still have legal aid, I have got the solicitor to contact the dodgy debt company & our ex landlord on my family's behalf, and write letters to state all the things you have mentioned - I think his tactics are bullying, its exhausting and its been going on for months. We don't even owe him any money, it is because we stood up to him, moved out and got our deposit money back fairly. I personally just want to get on with my life and not worry about having to defend his claims - but l'm not going to give him a cha
  3. well, the solicitor said he is free to pursue a county court claim against us, which we will defend. So we thought we will if we have to, we'll wait for any court forms to arrive if he claims. But now our ex landlord has set some 'free' debt collectors onto us, sending the usual veiled threats that include the lines: 'On obtaining judgment we are further instructed to apply to court for a warrant of execution to appoint bailiffs for the collection of the sum awarded by the court......" My ex landlord has used a company that sends a free legal debt notice like this through the post, a
  4. Hello Leola I'm in the same boat - though I have just got my deposit back after threatening action under TDS. My deposit was paid pre 2007, and the tenancies renewed. If you are on a low income or certain benefits you might be entitled to legal aid? we found a group of community solicitors on here: Community Legal Advice - free legal advice for residents of England and Wales, paid for by legal aid We have our deposit, but now our ex-landlord has invoiced us for over a £1000 of dubious 'repairs' so we are seeking further legal advice as he has threatened to take us to court for t
  5. Thanks bookworm, I have an appointment to see the solicitor on friday, so hopefully he can write another letter to warn him. I just want to be left alone - part of me wishes I did go to court with the TDS and he got fined too, but I was quite happy once I had my deposit back not to pursue it & put it all behind me. Maybe if he is warned over the potential fine again, he might let it go......but he must have a grudge against us now. I will ask the solictor what we can do, as we got our money back fairly, there is no need for this hassle now. But if it comes to counterclaiming, then I
  6. Hello thanks for your reassurance and advice, yes there was no inventory when we moved in or out & we did take photos when we left. We handed the keys to the estate agent who was to re-let the property (we have a receipt for the keys, I was edging on paranoia by then). We have witness statements too. There was no check out, he had been ignoring us for about 8 months by that time - eventually we had to get environmental health to order repairs to the electrics and plumbing because we had no response from him. But as the house deteriorated, and more wiring started to disintegrate, we th
  7. Thanks Andy I will PM them, they were very helpful with my first thread he probably is pushing his luck as you say
  8. Hello Thanks to everyone who helped with information to get our tenancy deposit back, we didn't have to go to court under the TDS legislation. After he had a letter from our community solicitor, he paid us a cheque for the deposit as settlement in full & the cheque has just cleared, and the case about to be closed - YAY BUT then today we get a letter from our old landlord saying we owe him over £1000 for 'damage and unauthorised alterations' and if we don't pay then he will take action against us for the 'debt'. This was the reason he originally kept our deposit, which we disagre
  9. Hello thanks for all your help, we called all the schemes and no deposit paid in so I'm waiting for it in writing to submit with my forms. We have sent 3 letters, the last one a letter before action. Numerous phone calls and it's like getting blood out of a stone..then we had the trumped up repair estimates. Now I know about the legislation, so I will do what you & others on forum have kindly advised and just go for the deposit first. As you say it's very difficult to prove anything else, and I feel better knowing he has to prove we 'damaged' the house. We did our best and my conscience
  10. thank you, would be grateful of a PM and any help & tips. Thanks for the reassurance as I've been doing internet searches for days now. Will do the N208. It does seem unfair when we paid all our rent, bills, & cleaned for days, for him to just keep it. It wasn't a nice place to start with, but it was all we could get at the time. As you say it's our money, it hasn't been put in a scheme - called them all. The house needs loads spending on it, keeping our deposit is a drop in the ocean really. Thanks for all your help, and thanks to everyone who has helped on here since I found this si
  11. I can empathise as my family felt trapped in the house we were in, and 12 months seems like a long time. It may be good to get proper legal advice, as if you didn't see the lease until you moved in then it's not like you had much choice? sounds deceptive, and a trick a LL used years ago when I was a student.... see the dr or your health visitor though as the pnd can be dealt with straightaway best wishes
  12. I think I will be wiser too, it sounds like you are better off moving and getting out of their clutches. Even if it costs a lot, peace of mind is priceless. Did they get the gas safety cert? if not call environmental health, they take gas safety very seriously. People could rent that house after you..... Has your council got a tenancy relations officer? they might be able to intervene, sometimes councils offer a bond scheme too if you are on low income good luck with a finding new home
  13. My last thread was rather long-winded due to various problems I've had getting our deposit back.... I desperately need some help as we are about to lodge an N208 TDS claim, I'm finding it all difficult. Fairly confident from what I have read on here (thanks for the info on this site). Our tenancy relations officer said we should be covered too, but the CAB website says to get expert advice, and shelter website said its untested too. All tenancies were for same address, didn't know about this legislation until we didn't get deposit back AST began february 2007, deposit paid, no
  14. hello, congratulations on your win:) where do you get the pre 2007 guidance notes from? any info or legal findings is greatly appreciated thanks
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