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  1. After talking to my wife and she is sane and sober at the moment and explaining what everyone suggested, she wanted to write to RLP. As she is an adult and responsible for the problem I let her do this. She attached the letter from her Doctor and we sent it off last week. This morning we received a letter from RLP saying that on consideration they were not taking any further action. So YAY! At least it shows they can be reasonable some of the time. My wife and I would like to thank you all for your comments and suggestions its really been appreciated during this quite stressful
  2. I agree they wouldn't be happy but when my wife was detained they couldn't be sure that they belonged to the store with that in Mind the police had to keep them. The Store haven't told me what they are still missing and from my phone call to the security office they didn't seem to be too sure either.
  3. Yes Sorry she is on Meds for her Bi Polar (Antidepressant and a Mood Stabiliser)
  4. No she has no receipts, I think the police also believe she was shoplifting in other stores but have no evidence (No one has reported the other goods missing or anyone shown her stealing from another store) so the police will probably keep the rest of the goods they have in their custody. And your right I don't want anything that we haven't paid for. Oh and yes she is on Meds for the Bi Polar an Anti Depressant and a Mood stabiliser.
  5. Anyway this was the letter I was going to send to Debenhams store Manager On Wednesday May 27th, I was arrested in your store for shoplifting Please find attached a letter from my GP regarding medical conditions that caused my irrational and impulsive behavior on that date, as I was under the influence of Alcohol and a manic episode. Please also be aware that the Police and CPS have also released me without charge as they have taken into account my mental state at the time of the incident. My GP and the community mental health team are endeavoring to place me in a residen
  6. Well seems they are very specific about itemising stuff like that and to my mind they have asked us for money that is not due the £130. What seems to have happened is that My wife had other items on her but which the police believe to be stolen but cant prove anything and Debenhams cant be sure that any of the rest of the goods that Police have are there's so they have come up with a random figure. If they cant prove any of the other goods confiscated are there's cant see how they can tell RLP to get money back for them.
  7. Well just got off the phone from the police officer that arrested my wife in the original incident. She says all the goods that Debenhams identified as there's were returned to the store without them ever leaving so I am not sure exactly what goods RLP are asking us to play for.
  8. Well I certainly have plenty of medical reports and meeting notes from the Community Mental Health Team to Provide Debenhams so I'll get drafting a letter.
  9. Thanks guys for all the support and advice. I suppose I am a little hesitant to go totally bananas at them in the first instance as while she was of diminished responsibility she still did put them out while she was having her manic episode. Saying that though I do believe in corporate responsibility and continuing to pursue us via the courts isn't going to help my wife's recovery. Saying that she is due to go into rehab next month is that something else to mention? Will it help speed things up? I suppose RLP prey on the fact people just want these things to go away and for t
  10. I have just spoken to my wife. The issue is she has no recollection of the event She can remember getting on the bus into town and that's it. Its all blurry in her mind up to the point where she was asked to come with a plain clothed security guard (He had a Man U top on and my son is a Man U fan So she remembers that). So I cant be sure if she was still in the shop I think its going to be hard to find out the truth. The Debenhams security people said they have handed it off to RLP and there is nothing they can do. Should I write to the manager of the branch explaining?
  11. Hi all, Just a quick update phoned Debenhams Head Office who didn't have a contact name for anyone involved in working with RLP. The Best they could do was put me through to the store, I spoke to someone in the security office who while was helpful was unable to do anything. Strikes me as quite weird that no-one seems to know who owns the relationship with RLP. I'll be trying the store manager next. Also to be fair to RLP they had no knowledge that my wife has mental health issues. Hopefully once they get the letter and the GP's letter they will do the right and sensible thing.
  12. Will they speak to us as they seem to devolve that issue to RLP? I am happy to give them a call but just wonder if they are set up to deal with that? But Hey I will give them a bell tomorrow cant hurt
  13. Hi All, Just wondered if the planet size brains here could help pass an opinion A couple of weeks ago my wife was caught shoplifting in Debenham's. She has Bi-Polar and is also an alcoholic (Called a dual disorder in medical circles, medicates with alcohol to stop her being manic). She was in the grip of a manic episode, one symptom of this is making impulsive and reckless decisions and was quite drunk. She never left the shop and she was arrested taken to the police station then released on police bail and due to her mental issues the CPS have decided to take No further action,
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