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  1. If no on is able to run my figures through dualcalc, does anyone know of an idiots guide on how to use it? as, despite considering myself to be above average intelligence, it's beyond me!
  2. Yes sorry it's not HP it is conditional sale. Yes I have my original finance documents. I just dont understand the crap they are telling me 1st Nov ask for a settlement - £6300 30th Nov (1 payment later) ask again £6180 8th Jan (2 payments later dec and jan) £6128 They say the 30th figure should hav been £64xx. How is that even possible for a settlement figure to go UP from 1st to 30th nov?
  3. Hi, I tried to get my head round dualcalc and searched here for ages but I'm stumped! Im trying to get a settlement figure from MoneyBarn for a Car HP and they keep giving me conflicting info so I want to try work it out myself as I got a settlement figure two payments ago and comparing it to the one now it's £50 less which is bizzare, after numerous phone calls they are telling me the previous one they gave me is wrong? sounds like they've made a right hash of it. They said they will send me a statement so I can work it out and query them if I think it's wrong, er wtf? So here goes (from the statement they just sent) Loan amount £6795 Initial payment £400 APR 30.3% Term 48 mths Total payable £11,437.95 1st payment 8th Mar 12 £234.85 and I've made 10 payments since Their total paid so far is £2748.50 which is all the payments I made plus £400 deposit. How does that £400 come into affect because that was what I gave the car dealer? i.e the car cost £7195. Are they saying I've borrowed 7195 and made a first payment of 400? as that's naughty isnt it? could someone please dualcalc that and let me know how much I actually owe as a settlement as I have no faith in these cowboys. I've attached my statement hashing out personal info if someone can help and I'll donate you a coffee/beer/lunch!
  4. I wouldnt have thought the tax people would mind if you were employing someone and paying PAYE when you shouldnt be, afterall it's more income for them?
  5. Hi, just a quick question here, I have found out that the director/sole owner of the company I work for has been employing family members on full time wages for a considerable amount of time. The family members are never in the office, have a corp email, or are on the phone system. I have also seen a large amount of personal expenses from the owners family such as computers, laptops, flights for holidays etc being claimed through the company. In my eyes this is fraud, and as I will be leaving soon I wish to wipe the smile of this dishonest person's face. Is this fraud? and how serious is it? Who do I report it to? What usually happens after it's reported? Many thanks CM.
  6. So how I think I will deal this is to request a formal meeting with a senior or HR rep. I will request this monday By my manager verbally saying "we're looking at job sharing your role and effectivly that will mean half pay" puts me essentially at risk of redundancy. I obviously want to have a proper sit down meeting to discuss what is happening, can I bring a layperson? I will be speaking to employment specialists on monday to see what my options are and where I stand. My guess is they want to restructure and this would be easier by getting rid of me and taking on two part time staff at hours they choose. My guess is they have asked my manager to "test the water" in way of having this verbal "heads up" to see if I would just find another job or to just gauge how my reaction would be. Assuming my situation, 4 years service nearly, full time 37 hours contracted. COmpany is in very good financial state etc. If they want to get rid of me, forgetting disciplinery as I have recently had a shining official appraisal, what options do they have? They cant make me redundant as the role still exists and is needed? they are proposing i share my job with someone else! Can they just serve me a new contract for reasons of wanting to restructure and share my job? and if I refuse to take it can they just dismiss me? Do I have any choice basically? if they want to cut my hours in half and share my job with someone else can they find a way to do it?
  7. Thanks scousegeezer, thats more or less how I saw it. There's no issue with work, the reason behind the employer wanting to do it is to cover 24/7/365 and yes it would be permanant move
  8. Hey good people of CAG My employer has given me a "heads up" regarding some changes that are going to be consulted within the next few months. The proposal is to do a job share for my job effectivly cutting my full time hours in half I am a full time employee on hourly and have been here for 4 years. Im going to seek some legal advice, but wanted to know what peoples thoughts on the subject were. Can they do this? The way I see it, if they need to cut my hours because I dont have enough work or they are struggling to pay me, fair enough, but the hours they take off me they will give to another employee. Surely this is illegal as I was under the impression anyone facing redundancy or reduced hours would get first dibs on any other available positions or hours in the company, therefore the hours they take of me, wishing to give someone else, they would have to offer back to me? if that makes sense! Regards Paul
  9. What's the likelyhood of them taking a single mother on part time wages to court for 2 months worth of rent payments? There was also talk of letting the deposit go to the landlord in lieu of one of the months payments and then if they cant find a new tenant before the last month then that would be owed Is this the right thing to do? or ask for the deposit back and take the line of she had to move out through no fault of her own? so shouldnt be liable for last 2 months rent? as giving them the deposit for one of the months is accepting liability for the remainder of the contract?
  10. Hello, I have a friend who's lived in a brand new apartment complex on a 6 month AST. During the first 4 months there has been a spate of anti social behaviour coming from one particular resident. This has included very loud noise late at night and early in the morning, smoking weed in the communial areas and having some very "nasty" type people frequenting the building and intimidating residents. The locks on both main entrances to the complex have been broken and never fixed despite being reported to the building management company serveral times and the flats leasholders acting property management. There was also an incident where someone walked into the building and attacked a reseident with a knife almost killing her, leaving a bloody crime scene for two days for my 7 year old to endure. (residents had to clean thsi up!!! as the building management company refused to take responsibility) The person responsible for this was one of the residents boyfriends and the police assured that we "wont be seeing them again" Despite that the person still freely walks in and out of the block despite being reported again to the police by other residents. My friend obviously fears for her safety and her child (single mother) and her acting property management agent is not interested, his best answer is to "speak to the building management company" who are actually the constructors of the new build and are not interested in ongoing upkeep and disputes. 3 tenants moved out the block within the last month, two of them with children who could not face the fear. She wants to leave ASAP obviously because of the ani social behaviour and the unsafe environment for her child. Can she break the tenancy early? As I understand it, the agreement between the lesseess and lessor states that anti social behaviour should be dealt with? also within the AST section 11 states implied terms with regards to good upkepp (broken locks, no security, place never been cleaned etc) are these grounds to move out? She's desperate to move out but fears legal action to recover the remaining 2 months rent, no one wants to take responsibility for the building or the crimes/issue that happened and yet again a familar story the tenant suffers. any advice greatly recieved.
  11. Ok ive found a spreadsheet and calculated what they owe me They have ignored 2 letters asking them to freeze my overdraft and account and are continuing to add charges, is there anything I can do or should I continue servicing the account with the charges? Btw what they owe me is more than that overdraft balance
  12. Hi Lloyds have now completed my SAR and I have 8 large packets full of my info to digest Couple of questions: 1. Is there an easy way/tool to calculate what they owe me 2. I opened a parachute account before SAR and wrote to them telling of inancial difficulties and that I will be disputing charges on my account. I also requested this account be put on hold until such investigations complete. Despite this they are charging me intesrest etc on my overdraft, is there a way I can stop this? obviously ill accrue 100's in interest by the time this is all over. Regards
  13. Here's the bit from the agreement: " You have a right to cancel this Agreement for a period of 14 days, beginning with the day after this Agreement is signed by us. You can do this by giving us written notice to Express Finance (Bromley) Ltd, Kent House, 41 East Street, Bromley, Kent BR1 1QQ or fax on 0800 652 4662. a. If you cancel the agreement you still have to repay any money lent to you and any administration fee (if applicable). If you do not exercise this right to cancel, you will not be able to cancel at a later date. b. If you cancel this Agreement, within 30 days we will return any sums paid by you and you must refund any sums paid by us in relation to this agreement. c. By signing this Agreement you request that we issue the credit prior to the expiry of the cancellation period, although you acknowledge that we are under no obligation to do so."
  14. Surely if a company or individual takes a card payment without your authorisation that is illegal and you can ask your bank to perform a charge back ?
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