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  1. Just down the road.. on the same block though. Shouldn't the lines be in accordance with the signs? There is a gap in the lines, so surely the ticket would be invalid? Edit: This is from another forum, any input?
  2. Been parking at the front of my house for 2 years now.. as do most other people on the same block on the road. However this morning I guess everyone had gone to work and mine was the only one left on the road, and I got a parking ticket.. It is a busy road but people manage to pass by absolutely fine, and the only line markings are slight dashed ones and there is even a big gap where I'm parked! The only thing I could see affecting my case is it is an urban clearway... these signs were put up about a year ago but nobody ever paid any attention to them... So is there any
  3. I'm going to go to the post office tomorrow to find out what's going on as I still haven't had the original letter returned to me and both tracking numbers are saying that the post office still have the letter...
  4. I'll go to the post office on Monday/Tuesday and see what they have to say then maybe they can help.. Thanks for the OFT bits I'll get that sent off too
  5. Fair enough. Just seems odd that the website says that the post office still has the item..
  6. All it says atm on the tracking is: "Item BRXXXXXXXXXGB has been accepted at c/o Spar Store XXXX XXX on 10/06/09" And at the top 'We have your item'. I can't see where on the website to report it but I can only presume that they have just refused to sign for the letter. I've sent another one today anyway so we shall soon see if that gets stuck with the RM too. It's just odd that I haven't had the letter returned yet..
  7. Had a quick look though the OFT guidelines.. will take a while to note every one of them down. I see where your coming from though. I was under the impression I had to wait 15 working days or something silly to ask the RM where it has gone?
  8. Yeah I've seen the website, was one of the first things I did before even contacting my bank. I've been onto the RM website and put in the tracking number, as said in a previous post all it says is that the letter has been 'accepted' by the post office. There is no confirmation that it has been delivered to the receipent. I haven't had the letter returned to me either though. I haven't reported them to the OFT but I will certainly do that, thanks I'm not worrying about it too much simply because I know they have no proof, they can try and take me to court if they want but like
  9. Anything anyone? I really need a point in the right direction not quite sure what to do. I'm tempted to send another copy of the original letter...
  10. As this post is on page 2, please see this post on page 1: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/show-post/post-2232807.html Yeah this was my original thought. However the bank seemed to think otherwise... I'm not sure what to believe. What's the next step then? just wait and see!? or should I report them to the OFT & Trading Standards? If I do this how should I go about it? Should I send the original letter to the DCA again or is it pointless? Thanks
  11. Well I sent the letter off to them on the 10th June via recorded mail. However according to the tracking number on the royal mail website it has just been accepted by the post office: "Item BRXXXXXXXXXGB has been accepted at c/o Spar Store XXXX XXX on 10/06/09" Does this mean they haven't signed for the letter? I also received the following letter from them today: (Direct link: http://img199.imageshack.us/img199/9310/webbilling2copy.jpg) So are they ignoring my letter/refusing to sign for it?
  12. OK thanks for your help everyone it's really appreciated! I'll keep you updated.
  13. I see.. very dirty! Where it asks for the name of the recipent on the slip though should I just put the company name rather than the individuals name?
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