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  1. Help please: Lloyds Sold my credit card debt to Cabots in Dec 2012. Chased Cabots for CCA - they didnt have it - Account now in dispute - They said ask Lloyds for it... Have asked Lloyds Paid my £10, they have sent me a shed load of chack, but more interestingly the attached letter.... Now, Lloyds sold my debt to cabot without the CCA, what should I do with A) Lloyds & B) Cabolt??
  2. Hi, A bit of help required.... Lloyds have sold my debt to Cabot financial, now the account with Cabot is in dispute as they cannot locate a Copy of the CCA. But Lloyds are still showing the debt on Experian but list it as a Default that has been satisfied and Cabot are showing the the same debt as a default but with the current balance. Surely only one company can list a default for 1 debt? What should I do? I have already hit Lloyds with a SAR. Thanks for any assistance.
  3. Hi, Sent my £10 chq which has been cashed plus a SAR to Lloyds for a Credit Card debt they sold. they have now breeched the 40 days and I have had no response. What letter/Template can I issue next?
  4. Yes fairly hefty I know..... No idea why it was sold, as I was payin it back at £20pm
  5. Great thanks.... Happy to yank there tail until it comes off!!! but now we are in a bit of a deadlock. Can i write the in Information Commission or the Ombudsman to try and get the data removed from the CRA?
  6. Cool Thanks..... Can i send anything else to 1st Credit? as they have pee'd me off with there response. And there refusal to remove my data.
  7. Ok... sorry to be think BUT what is a IBA?
  8. What chaser letter can I send to LloydsTSB for the SAR?
  9. Sorry to be clear SAR went to LloydsTSB (they have cashed the £10 chq) not heard a peep and its a Loan
  10. Hi, bit of advice have issued them with a CCA request after Lloyds Sold them my debt. here is there response. Account is now in dispute? so I will send that and then what??
  11. Ok my debt has been assigned to 1st Credit by LTSB ( I only know this has now 1st Credit has made a new entry with Experian) I have hit 1st credit with a CCA Request and a SAR on the 16th August 2012... They acknowledged this but provided nothing on the 9th November I hit them with "Account in dispute" attached is there response. What can I do next??
  12. I have made full and final payments to 2 creditors, for less thanthe outstanding debt. But they were happy with it. How should the file be marked ith the CRA's?
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