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  1. ok i recieved the letter from the bailiff regarding the charges, now the outstanding balance tallys with what i thought it would the charges outlined on the back are 2 visit fees and 3 payment by d/c fees at 80p per time. So why on earth did the bailiff that came the other day have a much higher amount to pay on each balance was he going to pocket the money? Is there anyway i can pursue the matter because god forbid if i had paid in full like he said i had to i would have been nearly £400 out of pocket
  2. No updates as of yet, not even heard from the council, just awaiting the letter Rossendales said they would send regarding the fees then i will take further action. I have NEVER disputed the fact i owe this money but have agreed to pay what i can afford seems its either falling on deaf ears or they trying to screw more money off me
  3. well i ahd an email reply from ROSSENDALES the first one regarding my breakdown of charges Dear xxxxxxx, Thank you for your recent email. I have arranged for statements to be issued to you in today’s post for each account. The charges on each account include 1st visit fee £24.50, 2nd visit fee £18.00 and charges of £0.80 per payment made with a debit card. These charges are in accordance with the Schedule of Charges Connected with Distress; Schedule 5. The Council Tax (Administration & Enforcement) Regulations. Our client informed us that interim payments we
  4. Well its 5.05 and no one has been back how do these guys sleep at night with all the lies they tell so easily, glad i aint married to one wouldn't be able to trust him lol Will keep you updated if thats ok when and if i have a reply from the emails/letters
  5. The reason he said he was coming today was while i was on the roadside talking to him when i said i couldn't pay in full within 24 hours he got on his mobile and said...."hello it's xxx mr & mrs xxxxx of xx xxxx avenue i need a van and men to come and strip the goods from the house, 24 hours from now, so lets say 2.30 ok just send me an email to confirm thanks" At this point i walked away and said well you can't take my goods as i haven't signed anything then he drove off.
  6. right letters prepared and emails sent copies of both to each one, a little wieght has been removed from my shoulders just dreading between 2 and 3 which is when he is coming back for the goods from the levy i have never seen or signed, he wouldnt forge one would he, i mean what proof have i got that he hasn't been in the house? Had to laugh at the address 'Hardman' Mills.....very apt
  7. So just to clarify...i will be seding email/letter to the council asking for the debts to be taken back and one to rossendales asking for a breakdown of charges....is it best to email or write?
  8. OK i have just rang the council to ask the figures i owe on the 2 liability orders he had. One was for £1127.90. The first notice of distress i recieved had the 2 charges on for the visits taking this figure to £1,170.40 i paid £30 off this and when he came back yesterday the figure is now £1,287.40 so thats gone up by £140 pounds The second one was for £854.02. On the first notice of distress it had the 2 visit charges on again taking that to £896.52 I paid £30 off that and when he came back yesterday the figure is now £1,116.52 so that has gone up by £250 pounds
  9. I know you said don't panic but he rang someone while i was stood there and said he needed a van and 'people' to come today to strip the house. I'm alone in the house today as hubby is at a hospital appointment, i would have gone with him but i am agoraphobic:( I am sooo scared:confused:
  10. would it be ok if i rang the council tomorrow and asked them what arears i owe and then start paying them online, also i am classed as vulnerable as my husband has a long term illness...heart disease (he has a pacemaker fitted) and has a number of mini strokes, all this stress could make him worse Just noticed when all this started my figure to pay was £379.25 how the hell has it gone up to £1,170.40 :O
  11. I have never ever let him in and certainly signed nothing. We do not have a car and he has not mentioned anything about one...He had paper work in his hand which i could see that had a list and it had a picture of a car on it you know like a diagram ?
  12. The bailiff is Rossendales in the original notice of distress he left in december (2 of) one was for £896.52 the one today is £1,116.52 and the other was for £1,170.40 that today is £1,287.40 so one has gone up by £220 and the other by £117 will these be charges...i already had charges on the first notice of distress
  13. I have been having dealings with the bailiffs for sometime where i offered to pay £10 per week and kept on paying this but the sent a letter stating they wanted £190 per week which i cannot pay, i told them this and they asked me to send in a means test which i did. I heard absolutely nothing but when putting the rubbish out today there was a white van outside and he shouted me over, it was the Bailiff ..he said i had 24 hours to pay the full amount or he would be coming back to strip the house of goods, i said he couldn't do that as i had not signed a walking possesion agreement but he said
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