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  1. Hey, just an update. I had received the defence, filled in AQ and had a court date set for Dec 28th. Then it went quiet for ages, then to my absolute suprise, I received a cheque for the outstanding amount this morning, they settled in full!!!!! I have no idea what made them do that
  2. They will only close your account if you keep going overdrawn after the claim has been paid or if you try and claim a second time. Hope that helps
  3. thanks for your quick reply ukavaiator. I have already filied MCOL, so will just see it through as normal Regards
  4. I have been going through the process of claiming back my charges from these people for a loan that was for a car, but was not secured against it. I today received a letter in response to my LBA, which I sent on the 13th September, but as so much time has passed have filed a claim and it has been acknowledged with the intent to defend. This is the letter they sent me: Dear Mr XXXXXXXXX Thank you for your letter dated 13 September 2006 regarding the above agreement. Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying. I am writing to advuse you that the service charges
  5. Received a reply to my prelim this morning and they are paying up in full! Can't beleive how easy that was
  6. Hi kev seems i'm in the exact same situation. I sent my LBA requesting £175 refunded and they have today replied offereing me the difference between the £20 and £12 fee totalling £91 which they are sending a cheque for as the account is closed. I will keep an eye on your thread to see how it progresses as I think I will also need to go to court over this one! Richard
  7. yes you should, it makes no difference if the account is closed, infact makes it easier as they will have to send the payment directly to you rather than credit your account. It sounds like robbery to me, don't let them get away with it and go back the full 6 years with them, you might be suprised how much they have taken! Good luck
  8. You can write back if you like, but I don't think it will make any difference. They have stated that you have refused it because when you accept it as partial settlement, they withdraw their offer. Just sit tight and keep checking your account. They did this with me, then stated they were going to defend the claim, then 2 days later, all of the money appeared in my account. You will win, it's just a matter of time Richard
  9. I don't know if you can if you didn't put it in your prelim and your LBA, but it's worth tagging onto the claim and see what happens Good luck, they will pay out!
  10. I found this address for Halifax Card services for when I sent my SAR as I knew that the Scotland address would be a problem Halifax Card Services Terra Nova House Pier Head Street Cardiff CF10 4PB Richard
  11. I'm afraid you can't appeal Clew, they have the right to refuse their service to anyone without the need for an explanation, just like resteraunts and bars can. Have the accounts been closed or is it showing as 'Enquiry Only Service' as this means that they have frozen the account. It will state that it is closed otherwise. If they have closed it, then they should send a cheque, or if it's frozen, you will be paid into the account and you can call to request to send it somewhere else. Hope that helps Regards Richard
  12. Just to let you know, I won agaonst the Halifax for £650 The list is what should print, so you have done it correctly. Hope this helps
  13. Firstly welcome Just put the description of the charges exactly as they appear on the statements. I had the same with the Halifax, so just put 'Charges as Notified' in each description and I had no problems Hope that helps Richard
  14. Hi there, I got the same thing through when I went againt the Halifax using MCOL, then 2 days afterwards the money hit my account. They will then write to you explaining that it would cost far more than the claim to go to court and that they are not paying out becuase they are in the wrong etc blah blah blah. Keep logging on to internet banking if you have it and see the money come in! It shouldn't be long now. Richard
  15. Hi all, just a quick question. I had an agreement with Cetelem which is being managed by CCCS, but my debt has now been sold to a debt collection agency. I want to start claiming for the unlawful charges that will have been applied to this account, but don't know who to persue for them Do I go to Celetem, who will have applied the charges or the DCA as they own the debt now. I have been reading various posts, but cant seem to find a definitive answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated Richard
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