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  1. He was asked if he had any convictions, which at that point my sons licence was totally clean. he was not asked if he had any pending convictions or pending points, my son does not at yet know what points or fine he will be getting as he still has not heard from the police about this. He answered all wuestions they asked him honestly, they did not at any point adk him anything that would lead him into saying the car was in a pound. He did not hide anything from them as stated when he managed to get bavk in touch with them on the monday when adked why he wanted the document he said to get hi
  2. I would like to add that my son did originally have insurance of which direct debit was being taken each month for it. On the day of my dads funeral (who my children was very close too as we lived with my parents for 6 years when i split from a very abusive relationship & my dad was the only father figure in their lives) his partner text him and said she had bern seeing several other guys behind his back, my son was devastated but has to put this to back of his mind due to having to get through his grandads funeral and that he was carrying the coffin with my ither son. This total
  3. Hi bankfodder, wonder if you can give me some advise. My son was pulled for having no insurance, he was driving to bank to pay his wages in so he could then set up his insurance (i know what your all thinking and yes i said same to him that he should not have been driving without insurance and if he had let me know i would have transfered some into his account so he could have got his insurance and he could have then given me the cash...but whats done is done now and i have had a right moan at him). Anyway, police impounded his car and my son walked from there to his nans house and she
  4. Lianne2802 has not put that the flat is part buy/part rent. They pay a yearly service charge to the company that own the building/grounds. They have looked at their contracts/agreements and all other paperwork that they was given and cannot find anywhere that it states they are liable for the service charge that had been either unpaid by the previous tenant or while the flat was left unoccupied - which is believed to have been empty for several months and also believed to have been a repossession. Nor were they told by their solicitor or anyone else that they w
  5. Hi and thanks for reply. Yes my son is old enough and does not need my help. I am dealing with this as he is at work and wants to know where he stands and is no good at writing up what he actually wants to say he is better in person. I know the events as i have stated are right as i stated earlier my partner is their manager and had to sit in on the disciplinary meeting for all 3 and the meetings was taped for them to be typed up and i have bern helping out with the typing up as the recpetionist is on holiday and i fill in when she is away. He is not querying the fact t
  6. Just to add sorry its so long just wanted to make sure i let you kniw everyting. Thanks
  7. Hi i am posting on behalf of my son. He faced a disciplinary hearing at work . Basicly what happened is my son works for a small tree surgery company and my partner (his step dad) is manager over the teams and my son is also my partners groundy. Whilst we was away on holiday my son was put with another climber and groundy (who i will call groundy 1). They was on a job when the other groundy 1 disappeared for a short while they assumed he had gone to get lunch, my son and the other climber continued to clear up at the job they was on then went and sat in the truck to wait f
  8. Hi I also have problem with LA fitness and ARC. I had been having trouble with my back and wrists, my GP said I had to stop using the gym and possibly may have to take lengthy time off work. I have to see a specialist and talk of having injections into my wrists to try stop the pain and weakness. I spoke to a member of staff at the gym I used about possibly putting my membership on hold for a while (at least until I found out what specialist said) the member of staff said it would be better for me to cancel my membership and re join if I was able to at a later date. He gave me
  9. thanks everyone for your advise and i will send the letter of to provident, hopefully that will be the end of it or until they sell it on that is. I will keep you updated on anything i get back. thanks again.
  10. Thanks, I only stated that I did have goods of the catalogue but the last I remember being end 2002 begin 2003 and that my ex said he had paid the final payment as it was stuff he had me order for him, I remember giving him the payment voucher and the next time I saw him he said he had paid it. I have had no contact with him for years now, my children (who are now adults) have not had any contact with him for years either as he was violent, so can't even ask him to confirm it. The first I heard of this debt was wen BC got in touch in 2009. I admitted to ordering of the catalogue (as that
  11. Hi here is an update since my last post in 2009. Bryan carter acting on behalf of Phoenix recoveries filed a ccj in 2009, I applied to have this set aside and attended court in oct 2009 (no one from other party attended instead they sent in a letter to the court). The judge sent me away to file a statement, I had to send one to the court and one to the claimants solicitor, which I did. I also asked for details of what the money was owed for (I wanted a detailed breakdown and details of all my payments to the company and date of last payment/default -as I found out from the judge that it was
  12. I ordered some car polishes from autoperfection.com on 13th feb 2011 and i paid for standard delivery (which is royal mail first class recorded delivery takes between 1-3 days and requires a signature - this is according to there website), weeks went by and i noticed that my order was still pending and the money had not been taken from my debit card. After a couple of weeks i telephoned them on the number on their site (landline number) but got an answer machine so left a message, i also emailed them several times and used the "ask us a question" bit on their site, asking if they c
  13. Im with sky and using windows mail (i think used to be outlook express).
  14. i do understand where u are coming from and yes pups welfare is and will always be put first and there is no way i would part with her no matter what. As for flyball or agility im sorry but i have bought a bullmastiff and they are heavy, bulky cumbersome dogs that do not do well in them kinds of activities at all. She may never be up to the standard for showing anyway but that is not my point here. Yes i looked around for a pup that i could possibley show (as its somthing i have been interested in for years but never done with any of my previous dogs - and my little girl is very much into g
  15. In reply to your statement. I wanted to show this puppy and if and only if she was in good health and after having all relevant vet checks i would consider breeding from her and again only also if she did well in the show ring, mainly so i could keep one of her pups and possibly show on. I am not a breeder and would not breed from any dog the RSPCA so please before u start to attack somone next time make sure u have full facts first.
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