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  1. Thanks for reinforcing the advice i received earlier. I will certainly do this. Cheers, Klantee
  2. It was deemed that regulation 29 of the ESA Regulations 2008 is to be applied, and no Schedule 3 descriptor applied. This meant that i was entitled to ESA with the "Work related activity component applied". With this said, when i attended my jobcentre interview after the courts outcome, i was told they would not need to see me for the duration which the court deemed i was not to be assessed for! Does this then mean i do not need to submit any more Medical Certificates for this period..? Cheers, Klantee
  3. Hello After winning my First Tear Tribunal Court Case for Social Entitlement last October, i am unsure whether i have to still submit my regular Medical Certificates. The Decision Notice received from the Judge does not state anything about 'not having to still submit my certificates', but my Decision Notice does state that the DWP should not assess me for two years. Does this still mean that i will have to submit my medical certificates for the Two Year period i won...? Cheers, Klantee
  4. in a similar situation, i had lodged an application to the: The Dispute Service (TDS), to contest and recover monies from other tenants (in a shared house scenario) and the landlord, in October last year. Two months later I receive an email stating that i had been awarded a sum of money, as well as the other tenants i used to live with! When i challenged TDS's mistake by paying out monies to the other tenants, the TDS acknowledged the mistake, and said that it would take up to six weeks to rectify the problem. I have since emailed the TDS many times since the deadline passed, and only re
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