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  1. Hi, Thanks for responding. I did the SAR a few months ago and even then they couldn't provide a signed copy of the contract or a copy of the default letter. I want to buy a house and this default is causing a few problems but to be honest the default will be removed next year anyway because it will have been on for 6 years and will be taken off automatically. I can wait until then if needed but i'd like to get it taken off asap. They never mentioned anything about the PPI in the letter even though I questioned them about selling it to me so maybe another letter is neede
  2. Hi Everyone, Hopefully someone can help me. I've just recently sent a letter to Natwest regarding a default I have registered against me and also about a loan I have with them. I asked them to send a signed contract for the loan and also send me the letter for when they registered the default against me. They basically replied with the following : ---- When responding to requests made under section 77 the bank may provide you with a true copy of your agreement in accordance with regulation 3(1) of the consumer credit (cancellation notices and copies of documents
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone can comment on the contract for the loan I posted up a few weeks ago? I received all the documentation from Natwest today which consisted of a covering letter, 1 page of logged events and then a 3rd page of what the information relates too. On the list of logged events there is no mention of the default. It just states when it was opened, when i changed my address, when it was sent to the debt company and that's pretty much it. I want to try my best to get this default removed asap so would like to first try by using the contract
  4. I do have to admit that one plus of living at home is the money you save and with there not being many people in the house I shouldn't coplain too much. Apologies for confusing the accounts. I keep doing this. It gets confusing who's responded, who hasn't and what to do next. The contract I posts is for the loan account. Is there anything I can start doing withnthismor should I wait for everything to come through from the banks. What would be the chances of removing the default ifnimpaid the full balance off? Moneys annoying. When I was a student I didn't care about debt. T
  5. Also, if I can get this default removed i'd happily pay half of the debt, if not all of it so that I can go about trying to sort out a house. The defaults the main problem. I'd love for it to be wiped out and I don't mind fighting it. I just don't want to fight it and end up with the default still sat on my account (although it does come off in a years time anyway). Living with parents is driving me a little insane. Chris
  6. That's where the problem lies. Finding out what i've paid. When Eurodebt came in to supposedly "help" me out they advise me to change accounts, hand all the account details to them and ignore any bank calls, forward any letters on and just let them deal with it. I know I definitely paid 6 months worth at £84 a month and then to my knowledge I was paying off an overdraft and the loan combined to natwest for the last 5 years at £35 a month. It was only when i recently got my credit report that i searched online, found this forum, asked for all my statements using the letter templa
  7. Hi Everyone, Here's my statement that they recently sent me. The first of which i've received in many years and the first contact or this account in some time as well. See what you think. http://www.day-zign.com/NatwestStatement.pdf Chris
  8. Hi Gez, Many thanks for replying. I'll read that link on my dinner (and possibly tonight if it's a big read). If I could get this default taken off my file then I would happily pay the full balance that's owing just to shift it but obviously I don't want to write to natwest and tell them this just in case it wasn't put on my account fairly. That and it's only half my fault that it was put on there in the first place with the remainder of the blame split between natwest and eurodebt. They seriously damaged my credit file and because I instructed the banks that they're to
  9. My main problem with this account is the default that was registered against me. It's caused me major problems. Problems like renting a house for 5 years because i've not been able to get it taken off and the mortgage company wouldn't borrow me money. The debt management company messed things up as well so it's been years of hassle. I'm still waiting for other documents from all the banks I deal with including natwest to see if i was ever notified of the default so that could be another route. I'm at work at the moment but will post the statement up this evening for people to lo
  10. Hi Everyone, I finally got my contract from natwest. I've blanked out the parts that you said to blank out. They state that there is 4 pages to this but they've only sent me one. Can someone please look ove this and comment? Also something else to mention. They sent me a statement as well for the first time in years and this statement is statement 1. Surely if they'd been sending me other statements it would be higher than statement 1 seeing as this loan has been ongoing since 2003. http://www.day-zign.com/my natwest contract.jpg Thanks Chris
  11. Hi Everyone, I've got my first contact from Natwest regarding the SAR i sent them. They sent me a letter confirming they have received it but because I used the secure signature thing from this site they have written back saying they need an original signature. I've sent them this but put crosses through it so hopefully they can't use it. Secondly, the bank that i have a loan account with that hadn't sent me a statement for over 5 years has now decided to send one since sending this SAR in. Nothing has been paid off on it (which i thought i had) and it looks like this is the
  12. I'm not sure if anyone else has had a call similar but today i received a call on my mobile from a company saying that if i have had any loans, credit cards etc opened up before 2007 then they can clear them for me for only 10% of the debt. They went through all the stuff of how it's been on tv and what's happening with it. It's strange because about a week ago I sent in my SAR requests to 3 banks and this guy pretty much went through the steps one by one that are outlined on this forum but the cost for the privelage is 10% of the debt. I told him i had already started this and I d
  13. I've finally requested an SAR for all the banks I deal with. The main one being Natwest seeing as that's causing the most problems. I requested my contract for what I thought was my loan only for them to reply saying that this was my overdraft account (which I thought i'd paid off). So, I am now hunting down the papers for the overdraft I paid but that still leaves a loan that has been upaid for about 5 years. It wasn't a huge amount but when you think you haven't been paying this off monthly it's a bit annoying and could be tons now. I've not been contacted in those 5 years since
  14. I think I do have the original but it's with all the old papers. We moved in with my parents from renting a house so that we could buy one. We went for the mortgage and ended up being told about the default on the account. That's how i've ended up where i am now and why most of the stuffs stored away. Are there any template letters to do the SAR. I'll give them a day or so to send through this agreement and then send everything else I can. This is the only thing on my credit file causing me a huge problem. If this would go then i'd be able to go and sort out a good mortgage and
  15. Hi, I have the CCA somewhere but I think that's in storage but i'm sure I never had a DN sent through. I need to go and get all the paper work out of there so I can challenge this as best as I can. I was hoping natwest would be sending through the agreement for me to look at but i'm guessing this may not happen. It would be nice to get something back from them seeing as they've taken tons of money off me and pretty much ruined my credit file with the default they kindly put on. Chris
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