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  1. For reference, I had to go back into the branch to finalise, but the account was closed without issue and I finally received a statement confirming the same. Now to go and see how much I can borrow(!) to make a full and final payment offer on the credit card this all started with. Thanks to all for all the help now and before. Cheers, Naughtypanther : )
  2. Oh, and in answer to the question i asked a couple of weeks ago, in case its of any use to people reading this: I was concerned that as I paid my overdraft that they would try to use the spare balance I was creating to 'set off', I was advised (I believe by National Debtline) that they cannot use one debt (ie space in my overdraft) to set off to pay the other debt (credit card). I took the precaution of paying a chunk off then calling up and reducing the overdraft, then paying more off then reducing again etc etc until account was in credit and overdraft cancelled.
  3. No, i was initially told a form needed to be filled out, but a nice lady took me into a room and (allegedly) did it manually there and then. No printed proof in my hand. I have evidence the overdraft was zeroed, and also have proof the account has enough in credit to cover remaining interest payments.. I will visit branch tomorrow and see what they have to say. If they play games I am going to look at the option of legal action, as if they have done what I think, I feel I have enough now to form a case against them. Its clear their actions are calculated. I could be jumping the gun I admi
  4. Hi, cheers, I thought that a condition of the CC was that you had to have a current account with them, I seem to remember not being allowed to close the current account while the credit card was active because of this. Hence I suspect that is why they have reinstated the CC account. how do they stand legally reinstating an account they had already closed years ago, in my name, without my permission?..
  5. HI all, so, this matter has evolved!! I paid off the overdraft progressively, paying an amount then calling the bank to reduce the overdraft, until the balance was cleared, overdraft cancelled, and enough credit in there to cover the final interest payments. I went into the branch and, without filling in any forms, got the account closed. Was told it would be a couple of days before I heard anything. So, a week has passed, I called up the bank telebanking and found the account is still active. They also told me my credit card account was there too (havent heard this mentioned in
  6. Hey Mike, many thanks for that (and all the previous advice years back!). I wouldnt like to rely on timing like that. I suspect that I wont be able to zero balance the account anyway, as there will be a final interest payment to be factored in. I also predict they wont allow me pay it and close it in person, hence giving them more space to pull a fast one. The old credit card account is long closed, I know thyre seperate, but its no coincidence they did this 7 days after me stopping wescot in their tracks. I dont doubt that the account is being monitored now for this exact reason. Any ti
  7. Hello again one and all, long time no speak?!! So a further thanks to all those still here that chipped in above years back! Well, for those that remember (unlikely I know) or read back thru the above (dont waste your time, I wouldnt!!) this thread was about me VS HSBC over a credit card that got out of hand. I have spent the past 3 years making reasonable offers of settlement (and being knocked back) and fobbing off HSBCs various collector guises (DG etc), and making small token monthly payments. That all stopped recently when they unleashed wescot on me. I stopped making the token
  8. They sure try every trick in the book. My point here is, they shouldn't have added these when there was a clear dispute on the account. So the total sum they are demanding is inaccurate, as is the sum on the default. Is this enough to make the default invalid? Could they reissue an accurate one? They already closed the account..
  9. You type too fast! Yes I received a default notice, I will try and scan it in at work today, and post it up this evening. I paid less attention to the situation for a while, I need to regroup and go through everything i received with a fine tooth comb!
  10. Hi Vint, thanks for taking the time to go back through the thread, some of these threads get very cumbersome and hard work to go through and keep up with! I didnt post the exact details up of what they sent at the time as I didnt want this thread to get too bloated, and was convinced that what they sent didnt satisfy the request. Given what you have listed above, it is likely then that they have indeed satisfied my CCA request. I will have to go back through it all and double check. If that is the case, then the account is no longer in dispute, where does that put me? Is th
  11. Cheers Johnnymitch, its much appreciated. I just am struggling to get a feel for exactly where I stand with it all. There are a lot of grey areas and contradictory facts kicking around. If they were to produce a proper and valid agreement, what really is my stance then? The latest com from MCS gave me 24 hours to make full and final payment before court proceedings etc. It arrived on the 26th, was dated 22nd (1 day after i sent my offer of settlement). I believe they received my letter on the 24th, then sent out the 24 hour final warning with an earlier date on, so as to justify mo
  12. Now I am confused. What kind of defense would I be looking at if they drop that on me 2 weeks before court :-|
  13. Hi Johnnymitch, This is the bit i only recently grasped! So I quickly came to terms with the idea of offering them a settlement, and beginning to make payments to them again. At least now the account is closed and interest is effectively frozen. I think £50 per month is a very reasonable gesture on my behalf. I have been reading a lot about what they can get away with supplying, and I am unsure as to whether or not they genuinely have effectively satisfied the requirements. It seems they gave me a reproduction. Bizarrely this included a few photocopied statements, signed by
  14. Thanks for that vint Thing is, does that stop them taking me to court in the first place? And, more importantly, how does it put my 'account in dispute' stance? If the account is no longer in dispute then I am surely out of line by not making payments?
  15. OK, so i sent out my SAR this week,I also sent MCS an offer of settlement of 1000 english pounds, I offered to make a monthly payment of £50. I will send them a cheque next for this week. I am also going to make a complaint to HSBC, and see if they decide to help resolve this problem. MCS sent yet another letter threatening bailiff courts DG solicitors etc.. Spoke with some debt advice people who told me that, even the gobbldegook they sent as an excuse for a signed CCA will likely be valid. How do i stand here then, as this would mean the account is no longer in dispute?
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