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  1. I think its called a voluntary termination and if so how do igo about it.
  2. Its an HP agreement for goods ie HP for/on the car. Its says agreement for goods. If this is what you mean.
  3. Last May 09 i bought a car on finance. I had a good job and income. I am now on 28 days notice for redundancy. My last day is the 31st of August 2010. I have not got a job to go to and will not be able to afford the finance. At what point can i give the car back it is with Advantage Finance Ltd on HP. I can make this months and probably next months payment. How do i go about giving it back and calculating my liability that i will owe them afterwards.
  4. Good link. But still dosent answer my question. I have looked at the FAQ's but they are no help.
  5. I know i was foolish, but i was desperate and i took a loan out with Provi last Saturday 22nd. The lady said she was calling this saturday for the first payment. My question is: how much should the first payment be, 1 or 4 weeks. I intend to pay monthly as i have in the past but reading some of the post on this site got me thinking. Does anybody know. I have no prob paying it as it was an emergeny and i will repay it although it is an extorinate rate.
  6. Thank you both for your quick response.
  7. When does the 6 years for a statute barred debt start, is it when you default or from the date of the last letter i sent them. Have looked on site but can not find answer. Thank you
  8. Up untill recently i have serviced, fixed and repaired all my own cars. Then when i needed a repair but didnt have the time i put i car into R&R Motors of Gosport. I have ne hesitation in saying first class garage with first class service and more than reasonable charges. I turned out that they got the parts and fitted them for less than i could buy them for. Not all garages are bad. This on is a little gem.
  9. Will be sending off letter tomorrow as have just come out of hospital after emergency apendectomy in early hours of sat morning. Have had yet another letter re BC that i know is stat barred. How can i stop these as they seem to ignore my letters, even recorded delivery ones.
  10. It is approx 7 years since i had the card a 4.5 years since i wrote. As i had no comms i must have ditched the paperwork. ( wish i hadnt). So i cant even quote the card number. I do know that i saught help from the CAB who wrote on my behalf.
  11. Have dug out my old credit report and it says i defaulted in 2005 with the card issued in 2001. I know that i didnt have a card in 2004 or 2005 or make any payments but i did write to them in 2005 and say i couldnt pay them (after a letter out of the blue). Does that count and the 6 years starts again from 2005
  12. Thank you Fred will post first thing in the morning. Is there anything i can do about them contacting my employer ?
  13. I received a text from Mackenzie (dont know were they got my number) and then they phoned my employer and left a message for me. I didnt realise it was them and phoned them. I gave ref and they asked me to confirm my address for Data Protection, i said you dodnt need it and they said they did i asked who they were she said Mackenzie and hung up. How did they find out who my employer is. This a new job and i dont want to loss it. I remember having a CCard but cany remember how long ago. As i phoned them does this count as contact and so null the 6 years if it is slightly less than the 6. I get at least 1 letter a week for the last 2 months but i have been away with my job. Where do i go from here. Do i send them a CCA request for the original ??? I dont want them contacting my employer again
  14. So there a debt collection agency fishing to see if anyone bites.
  15. I got one from them this morning. Has anybody got any info on what they are after. I for one will not be Phoning.
  16. A big thank you to alanalana and postggj for there help. I Now have my letter to say that all extras cancelled and saved £2006.64. Get in early and cancel that ppi.
  17. I have now received a letter from Advantage, stating that the additionals have been removed and reducing my payments to just the car loan at a rate i am happy with. So much for the claim that the cost of the optionals would off be off set by a reduction in the Apr. And all this before i have made my first payment. Thank you once again for your help. Chalk up a saving of £2k to your list and a bigger than i can express THANK YOU.
  18. Thank you Postggj. I have received a phone call stating that optional insurances have been cancelled and i am now waiting for the new agreement. Will post again when i receive it. They said that they received my letter. Excellent idea from you re the letter, as i would have been stuck with paying for the extras and has saved me over £2k for something that wasnt worth the paper it was written on. Once again many thanks
  19. They received my letter sent by special delivery and tried to phone me, but i cant carry my personal phone at work. I did give them a number to call me on 24/7. I rang them back but the person dealing with my account was out to lunch and will phone me back. No phone call. How long do i wait for them to phone me or do i phone them.
  20. Thank you. Envelope already done. Will post when i receive a reply.
  21. Thank you, will do the letter now and post in morning by special delivery. (what is special delivery or will post office know.
  22. Can i cancel the insurances or am i stuck paying them a fortune for something that is not worth the paper it is written on.
  23. Advantage Finance Ltd, Unit 7, Acorn Business Park, Moss Road, Grimsby. DN32 0LW Optionals are from the AA but through this company
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