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  1. Ok thanks. I'll have a read up later and see what I can do.
  2. Hello and thanks for answering. What is oft and ts? Is there a link on here so as I can read up on them? Oh and in the meantime should I just ignore these letters or write back or what? Thankyou
  3. Once again I've recieved a letter from Blair Oliver and Scott asking me to call them because my repayment is up for review. I'm to have details of my income and expenditure at hand for their Collection Specialists to assist me. Any thoughts on what I should do?
  4. Hello again. I've finally recieved the Credit Agreement. I apologise because my information was off before. The loan was through Capital Bank which is a Bank of Scotland company, and not through the Royal Bank of Scotland which I originally thought. Also it says it was for £4000 and not the £3000 I thought it was. Anyway, attached is a copy of what they've sent me.
  5. Could you point me in the direction of the SAR letter please.
  6. Thanks, I've been seeing it but not properly reading it but definately will be now
  7. If indeed they did I will definately share some of the love to this site! It's excellent.
  8. Thanks. I feel better just reading this forum because before I didn't really know where to ask. I'm sorry for my ignorance but I'll have to read up on what the SAR is. I'd never heard of it until yesterday Everyone has been as helpful as they can be and it's extremely appreciated.
  9. All I can really remember is whoever he was dealing with said it would be better if my name was on there too and so when it came we both signed for it, I'm unsure of specific details as such, that's why I've never really questioned trying to pay it etc. Hopefully by the end of all this I'll have a better understanding and not be so naive in future!
  10. I know it probably sounds pathetic but I daren't just stop paying. I'd dread someone turning up on my doorstep because of it. From what I've read on this forum I understand that they can't just do that but still probably will. I'll read up more on here to find out about the OFT/TS is and how to report it to them etc. Thanks for taking the time to help, I appreciate it
  11. OH? Other Half? If so then no, he took it out but we both signed for it. I don't know if there is a CCA, sorry.
  12. I think the last balance I had was just shy of £5000. From what I recall I started with payments of about £5 and they've gradually worked up to £20.20. I've done the letter and the postal order and hopefully will get some sort of a reply soon. As soon as I recieve one I'll put it on here so you can help me decide what to do next. Thankyou very, very much for all your help so far
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