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  1. Thanks FMC - I am very grateful for your help - I will keep on at them!
  2. Recently enquired with HFC Bank about various loans I had with them over the years. Received a reply stating that because some were over 6 years old they held no records. Is this correct? and is the time limit within 6 years as one of them was just over. Any advice welcome - thanks in advance.
  3. If you are a tenant of a housing association and are disabled or elderly and are not able to prune a tree that has overgrown and is now 3 x as tall as a bungalow - do the housing association have a duty to carry out this for you? They have recently said that the tenant is responsible but how can you be if you are not able to? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I had a couple of loans with HFC some years ago. These were paid off - I believe it is possible to claim back the PPI (if any) I can't remember if I had it or not. Do I write to firstly HFC head office asking them to check this out for me to see if I did have it. or not - any advice will be welcome. Guess30
  5. Dan1980 You having worked for HFC I took out a couple of loans quite a few years ago. They were paid off but I wanted to know if I could claim the PPI if any I had on these finished loans? Thanks a lot. GUESS30
  6. Two questions on the above if anyone can answer:- 1. Am I right in thinking that HFC were a subsidiary under HSBC? 2. If I had a loan with HFC many years ago can I reclaim back any PPI on it, even if I don't have any details to hand. - would I just have to write to HFC? Hope someone out there can help. Thanks Guess30
  7. Hi everyone - a new addition to the forums. A couple of months ago I went over my overdraft of £150 by £50. I telephoned the bank to ask if I could increase the overdraft to £200 to save on bank charges. I was sent a letter saying due to the current climate they declined increasing it. I then took a telephone call from them to talk about my account I told them I had been refused the extra £50 overdraft but was asked if I would consider taking a loan out. I already have one with them which is at a rate of about 4% but they wanted me to take a new one out at a higher rate. Obviously I refused, I told them they could offer me a loan but not an extra £50 on my overdraft! Up to now I have paid approximately £300 bank charges, they take out of my account the day before I am paid meaning the next month I am back to square one. I wrote complaining that charges were taking me over and then they were charging me again but in a reply I was told that they never charge on charges. I checked my bank account you can guess they have taken another £50 the day before I am paid. I don't know how to get off this roundabout! I have just sent a letter claiming my bank charges back. Guess30.
  8. Very interesting reading. I went over my overdraft by £50 a couple of months ago. I asked for an increase in my overdraft but was refused. It was followed on by a customer service person ringing me up asking did I want to consolidate a new loan. I already have one with them at 4%. I refused and said I was surprised they could not increase my overdraft by £50 but could offer me a loan! My present overdraft is only £150. They have charged me in all over the last couple of months approximately £300 in charges - which are charges on charges. They take the charges the day before payday making it ongoing. I wrote and complained about this but HSBC said they would never charge on charges!!! Any advice anyone - I am a new member so hope I have not hi-jacked your thread.
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