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  1. Just to update, recieved a reply to my account in dispute letter on the 1st Dec 2009 from Bryan Carter "Thank you for your letter. We confirm that our client's position is that the agreement will be enforceable in Court and we therefore look forward to hearing from you with your payment proposals." I have not replied to this letter to date and have recieved no further correspondence from either the Co-operative bank or from Bryan Carter solicitors
  2. Well I am no expert, I have browsed the forums and had some help from some people on here, I would suggest opening a thread, posting a copy of what they have sent with all your personal details blanked out and take it from there
  3. I think I will send this letter to Bryan Carter and the coop, if someone could advise me if this is a suitable reply it would be appreciated ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE Dear Sir/Madam, Re Account: XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX Thank you for your letter of the xxx, in reply to my statutory request for information pursuant to s.78 of the Consumer Credit Act. However, your response does not fulfil your requirements under the Act, in that the document purporting to be the signed " Credit Agreement", (which is actually only a card request form), does not appear to contain any of the prescribed
  4. Thanks Rev Ian, you could be right as "on the reverse and customer copy" does not really make sense. There is certainly not an interest rate or repayment details within the body of the agreement which I understand is a requirement for an enforceable agreement.
  5. Just to update, recieved letter from Bryan Carter on the 1st oct stating they had placed account on hold and they had referred the matter to their client. Recieved another letter today with a copy of my original application form enclosed, I will post it shortly and would appreciate if someone could advise me if it is an enforceable credit agreement
  6. Thanks rev.ian CCA request sent to bryan carter today
  7. I have had a co op credit card account for over ten years, I did have an agreement with fredrickson international but stopped paying this a couple of months ago. Recently recieved a letter from Bryan Carter threatening court action. I am going to send a CCA request and SAR to Co Op, should I reply to Bryan Carter letter?
  8. I have had a rbs business account since 2002 and have regularly had referall/ unpaid items charges, can I reclaim these charges? I understand there may be a difference between a personal account and a business account.
  9. I had a number of cards one of them being Morgan Stanley, I opened this account in 2002 got into financial difficulty and went into arrears. Around 2006/2007 the account was passed to Moorcroft and I came to an agreement to pay £90 per month ( the balance was around £4500), I made payments until october 07 then made no further payments until feb 08 after this last payment I received a letter from moorcroft stating they were no longer dealing with my account. I have not received any phone calls as I have changed my phone number and have not received any statements from Morgan stanley/gol
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