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  1. BLACKHORSE LOAN 2004 Just wanted to say that my money went into the bank today. If you are told that you can't win a complaint against Blackhorse with a loan pre 2005, then take no notice. GO FOR IT, you can WIN. I started my complaint at the end of May, so it took about 4 minths. Didn't have to follow through with my threats about the FOS either, did it all myself with template letters from the web, and my own persistence. Good luck to all. Thanks for the words of advice and support. regards FUWIA
  2. Thanks for your reply. I have tried to use the calculator but just don't get. Hoping somebody can try and work it out for me. Regards
  3. Hello I spoke to BH insurance today regarding my cancellation of the PPI, and about what amount I will be getting back from them regarding being mis-sold. I can't get my head around how they do things so I would be grateful if somebody with a head for figures could check this out for me. The loan started in 2004. Amount of loan 15,000. monthly payment of 126.99 interest per month 0.759% APR 9.5 PPI 2,550.00 monthly payment of 21.59 interest per month 0.759% APR 9.5 The term of the loan is for 300 months. Combined monthly payment £148.58. I now
  4. Hi aa Do I sense a hint of skepticism?? if so I know what you mean. I keep thinking it's too good to be true, but I have had a letter from them saying that they will pay the amount of the PPI with all interests. I sent an acceptance letter back subject to them giving me a break down of how they have come to the payment. I have also had to conversations with them, recorded the name of the person I spoke to, the date and time of the call, should they go back on their word. As soon as I hear more, I will let you know, so that hopefully you can slap that WIN across my post. Thank
  5. Hi all I won my pre 2004 loan claim against Black Horse. They have told me that I will get back the amount of the PPI plus interest and simple interest. Also my monthly loan repayments will go back to what they would have been without the PPI. I am now waiting for my money back. They said 3-4, (2 to go), and when I asked if the money was being paid directly back to me, I was told, that it would be, because my account was not in arrears. My first letter was sent in May, so I am glad it will soon be over. FUWIA
  6. Hi I took out a loan in 2004, wrote off to complain miss-sell, got the usual bog standard fob letter, telling me I wasn't miss-sold and that I couldn't go to the FOS because they weren't registered until Jan 2005. I rang the FOS and they told me that they were now looking at all claims. They took my details, rang BH and told them that they had 8 weeks to give me a final response. I then wrote again, with a stronger letter, giving them my reasons why I knew I was mis-sold, and what the FOS had told me. Got a letter back saying that they were upholding my complaint and that I would
  7. Hi Just wanted to say, don't give up. I have just received a letter saying that they are upholding my complaint. That I am to get the full PPI with interest. They put the wrong date in the letters and tried to say that they had not received them, but I told them that they had received them because they were sent by recorded delivery. I have been told that once I sign the acceptance offer, they will refund me in about 3 weeks time. I started my complaint on the 22 May and never expected it to be resolved so soon. So I say NEVER GIVE UP, and DON'T let them get away with it.
  8. Hi I have the original copy of the agreement, signed by both my hubby and myself. I also (somewhere) have the copies of my tax-credit forms, with their handwriting on in pencil, working out our income, which they sent back to me after completion of the loan. Although, this won't mean much, as I could have written on them. I suppose what I need most is any recordings of the loan, because it was all done by phone, but would they have this considering I took out the loan in 2004? I wonder if there was a commission involved as it was through Norton that I got involved with BH?
  9. Hi I rang BH complaints dept up yesterday, couldn't help it, as I wanted to make sure that they had received my letters. They said that they had, and for me to wait for their response, which had to be within 8 wks. Still not sure if I wait 8 wks from my 1st letter, or my last letter which they received on the 26 June? Regards FUWIA
  10. Thank you once again aa. Will give them the full 8 wks then send off for the SAR. Thank you. Regards FUWIA
  11. Dear alanalana Thank you for your very detailed advice. I have written to BH 3 times, once when they replied with a "No" and my other two letter explaining in more detail why I have been mis-sold. On the 25th of this month it will be 8 wks since I first made my complaint. I also rang the FOS as BH said that I could not complain to them as they were not registered until 2005, and my loan was taken out in 2004. However, the FOS, said that they are now looking at all complaints due to the volume of mis-sold PPI. I know that this does not guarantee they will deal with it, but the FOS do
  12. Hi I have already tried to cancel the PPI, and was told that I can't. I took the loan out in 2004, the PPI only covered the first 5 years, (new to me), although I stupidly signed the agreement, (but I wasn't thinking straight) it was never explained to me. I tried to cancel in May to reduce my monthly outgoings, (going through it financially), and they said that I was no longer covered, (being 61 months into the loan) that my monthly payments would not be reduced, and remain the same. Their adviser said that I could complain if I wanted to do, so that was when I did some investigating o
  13. Hi I am currently going through a claim with BH for mis-sold PPi. I recently discovered that the ppi was a single premium, (2550) added onto the loan, at the beginning. I was only covered for the first 5 years, which wasn't explained to me, so that only when I tried to cancel it, did I learn of this. I am still paying for the Insurance on top of the loan in my monthly payments, but I am no longer covered. Anyway my question is this. My loan still has another 20 years to run, so if I am one of the lucky ones, (not holding my breadth here), will I get any monies due paid directly to
  14. Hi Sorry for the late reply. Have read through your link. Just wondering if anybody nearer to this time had won.. Still waiting for a reply. The 8 week deadline is up on the 25th July. Was wondering if I should give them a call to see where they are up to, as I am away during the 8th week. I got a fast response to my first letter, so wonder what they are doing now, expected the usual knock back sooner. Is no news good news do you think. Thank you again for replying to my post? Or am I being tooooo optimistic. FUWIA
  15. Hi I am waiting to hear back from Black horse re my PPI miss sell. However, my loan was taken out in 2004, so I know they were'nt covered by the FOS or FSA, but the FOS have agreed to look at it if needed, and have written to Blackhorse telling them they have 8 weeks to give me a final response. I am now 4 wks into my complaint and have written to them twice and still waiting. I was wondereing if ANYBODY out there won them who had taken there loan out 2004 or before. Many thanks FUWIA
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