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  1. please help i have a secured loan with ge money im in arrears of 4333.00 , its now gone to the lit department i have sent in my income and expenditure and offered an extra 50.00 per month ontop of normal payment but they said it isnt enough and want 180.00 per month as thry want th arrears paid of in 24months
  2. thats for all your advice xx
  3. 3rf charge is fine , do you mean am i able to make the monthly payments ? if so yes from july . when they repossess do they take into account any interest ? or do you they just take back what you owe. what would happen with a shortfall for about 50,000 ? also as i said about the council would they give us a house?
  4. ok please could you help with the letters . i have a 3rd charge to so i owe more than the house is worth so could i put if up for sale ? if i did lose my house through repossesion would the council give us an house as we have two small children ?
  5. im just so worried about it now . i thought they spoke to you first . i dont like they idea about court. whats happens there ? do you think i should speak to ge money and my mortage company to find out about litagation?
  6. could i have heard them wrong could it be pre litagation department its being transfered to ? and what is pre litagation
  7. i didnt expect that i thought when the litagation team had the account they tried to come to some agreement with you then if not it would go to court . do you know what the ge money litagation team do
  8. do you know if cheltenham and gloucester capitalize the arrears? yes from july i can pay normal monthly payments and afford about 25 towards arrears but thats not for each that would be 14.50 each . can you please explain the litagation process to me as im worried about it many thanks
  9. its a repayment , the interest rate is high to ! i asked about capitalizing but they said no they dont do it , its a shame because it would be easyier and better for us. i phone them every month so im not ignoring the problem. ive missed some on my mortage to , that rate doesnt go down until november 2009. can either of the companies reduce the payments whilst having arrears. can ge view my cheltenham and gloucester account ? what does the ligation team do?
  10. hi pease help , our secured loan ge money are now taking our account to the litagation department , please could somebody please tell me what this involves and does this mean we will lose our house? we have missed several months of payments but have always paid something . its all due to maternity leave and a pay reduction . the collection team said they couldnt keep it in that department even though i said next month we could pay the full monthly payment now being back at work full time . we have a 5yr old and a 10 month old and obviously dont want to lose our house but also we would like the
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