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  1. hello and thanks in advance to read and help me with my parking ticket. my car was found parked on pavement in Dagenham area by fixed cctv. i parked it and left the engine running because it had a starting problem, so i parked it near to the place i visited so i can keep an eye on it. next week i received a ticket in the post asking to pay £110 pounds or £55 within 21 days. i wrote to council with three points. 1.area was not signed to tell cctv will be used traffic or parking purpose.2. the area was not sensitive for ceo to issue ticket on site. 3. the ticket did not have any ceo information
  2. thanks car2403. i recived the phone on 1st apr. so i am within 14 days period. when i complaint about the reciption they asked me to update the software, when i tried the phone went dead and will not do anything thats why i said i dont wat the phone. i been on the phone for 3 hours just to get that they couldt help me and that i have to keep the contract. but they will change the handset. the replacement is comming tomarrow. shall i refuse it or accept it i cannot decide, can you please help? thanks
  3. thanks car2403. i spoke to 3 this morning they refused to cancell thecontract due to usage on the account. i showed my willingness of paying for the usage but they says we can replace the handset but cant cancell the agreement. dont know what to say next. any ideas?
  4. i bought a 3 mobile over the internet last week. started to use the phone and the sim aswell. the network service is very poor although on the net when i checked the service on there website it said its good indoor and out. i want to know where i stand can i ask the operator to cancell the agreement it is still in 14 days period. thanks
  5. car was parked in a parking bay i think the times for parking were from 10am to 4pm.ticket was issued on 16;10 hrs.this road is basically red rout with single red line,but got bays for shoppers.i am a holder of blue badge aswell if that maked any diffrence.pic they sent showing my car parked in the bay not showing any sighns etc.
  6. hello every body. i parked my car on upper tooting road sw 17 in a parking bay.after a few days got a letter from transport for london asking for £120 or £60 if payed earlier. i been to area again to see if ther were any sighns reffrening to use of cctv to enforce parking restrections,well i couldt fine any.i will appratiate if some one can help me with this as i have to write to them in a week.thank you all.
  7. i had a default from 2004.i just found out few months ago.it was regesterd by aktiv kapita.i had a letter from AK couple of months ago asking me to pay the money.i sent them statute barred letter.last week i had a replay from them admitting that the debt is SB and that they have closed the account and that there shuld be no contact in this regard.the default related to this account will drop in 04/2010.i am woundring if i can ask them to remove the default as they admitted its an SB account.please advice on this thanks
  8. hi there.i sent the letters on 2nd sep but due to post strike they recived them on 16 sep.still hav't recived any response.i put up same dispute with eqifax online got some response from there.equifax removed some entries from my file by dca's instructions.having problum with one dca called bcw.the debt they chassing is statute barred i sent them that letter back in june but they saying because the debt still exist so they will not remove the entry.is that true?i will appratiate views on this.any ideas what to do next.thanks all.
  9. hi there,can anybody guide me to letter template that i can use for subject access request for cra.thanks
  10. thanks i will post these tomarrow
  11. Dear sir/madam, I obtained my above reference no credit file and found some entries wrong. i disputed a wrong address mentioned in my file ie 54a upton lane London E7 9LN.online on 19/08/2009 still have not received any reply. I want to bring other errors to your attention as well, that include credit searches from different debt collecting agencies as OUTSTANDING DEBT. I have been in contact with all of them since june this year. Till to the date they could not prove any debt I owe them, I have today written to them demanding a formal complaint procedure. will you plea
  12. To; The Data controller/compliance Manager. Dear Sir/Madam, I sent you a legal notice under Section 10 of the Data Protection Act 1980 on 04 Jul 2009 you received it on 08 July 2009. In compliance with the Information Commissioners guidance, I gave you 14 days to comply with that request. I checked my credit file on 14 Aug 2009 the search entries made by your company still exist even after more then a month. And i still have not received any reply from you in this regard. I therefore request you to send me your formal complaint procedure.I reserve the right to
  13. can anybody plz help.thank you
  14. thanks Postggi for your reply.all the letters sent were recorded delivery and with out signature.last letter the SB and s10 letter were sent togather on 4th of July 2009
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