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  1. That's what I'm hoping but I hate the not knowing. If they do accept it is SB what happens then? Nothing? Do they fly it back to Egg who then go 'WTF are we supposed to do with this?'? Sorry for all the questions - just wondering if I can finally say they have buggered off.
  2. Hi folks, Quick question - it has now been almost 7 weeks since I had the 'on hold for 4 weeks while we investigate the SB' letter and I have heard nothing. Are they likely to write and say whether or not they accept it is SB or just leave me alone? Is it too soon to chalk this up as a win? Thanks!
  3. Quick update for you all... Received a letter yesterday from CQ stating that they sent the CCA already, along with T+Cs, DOA and statements. I received the statements and a current set of Egg T+Cs but not the rest. Interestingly enough, however, they state that "Regarding statute barred, we have referred to our client and waiting for their response" (their poor English, not mine). It looks like CQ have actually accepted that the reclaimed payment of £200 is considered as never being made int he first place. If this is the case then I'm 99% sure that they will have to find it as
  4. Right. Letter all done, runs to three pages and hopefully gives them very little room to manoeuvre given the all the above. Thanks for your help, folks. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  5. Yeah, it would just be inside the 6 years. On the phone at the time I did CLEARLY state that I did not acknowledge the debt and that was a caveat to the payment. I have previously (in the request) asked for audio copies of the conversation, which they have yet to provide. I've added quite a long part to the letter detailing that no debt was acknowledged and 'payment' was under duress and base don their threatening behaviour. I am also referencing the fact that they were given numerous chances to justify the debt and payment, stating that since the amount has been refunded in full, in acco
  6. There is 6 clear years. Just (6 years, three months). Only problem is that if it is deemed that the reclaimed payment was an acceptance. How would that sit? I clearly stated, as you can see from my initial post, that the payment was made under duress and it has been successfully reclaimed so would SB still be an option?
  7. Obviously the account was put in dispute when I sent the s78/DOA request back in January. They seem to think they have fulfilled their obligation by providing some T+Cs and statements - no DOA, no CCA - so I need to 'strongly' remind them that they cannot enforce while in dispute. Found this in 'tinterweb... Worth adapting for my purpose do you think? Thanks again for your help!
  8. Oh, one more question - should I reference the fact that no payment agreement was reached and that the payment I had made was refunded under the Visa scheme, undefended by CQ?
  9. Great stuff. Thanks SO much. So, I'll write a letter informing CQ that they have failed to respond to the CCA request today. When I dig out the paperwork (I'm in the office at the moment) then I can double check and consider whether to follow that with a letter about the SD. It's the OFT I complain to, is it? Is there an accepted protocol for this? Sorry for all the questions!
  10. Thanks for that, need to dig out the 'SD' again and double check it before I go that route. Is it worth me writing a letter in the meantime stating that they have not fulfilled their obligation to comply with the CCA/DOA request and that it is an offence? Whether or not the SD is correct (for the purposes of this question) should that really be the first communication from them? Seems very heavy handed to me.
  11. Thanks Twofoot but the whole idea of not replying does make me very, very nervous. I'm happy to play hard and make the buggers work but I don't want to get it wrong and put myself in jeopardy if it ever goes to court. It's a bit of a quandary, action or inaction? If I had have known on the 17th Jan about the whole Statute Barred thing then I would have used that and told them where to go but, alas, that door is now firmly closed.
  12. Hi Folks, I've been following this forum for some time and picking bits of knowledge on how to deal with CQ but now need to ask a couple of direct questions. Okay, taking you back to January, I received a SD from CQ (the first communication I ever had from them) relating to an Egg debt from 2000. I immediately went to my local court to see about the whole 'set aside' thing only to be told by a lovely lady there that there was no mention of a court, etc and there was, therefore, nothing they could do. The lady said it appeared to be a threat of one that was cleverly disguised as an ac
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