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  1. 2009 was sold have been paying ten pound monthly as lost job etc had injury accident don't want them taking all the money at once
  2. hi had credit card which was sold to 1st credit years ago have a current account and a joint visa debit account if I put money in any of the accounts could Halifax take the money for original debt that's been sold on
  3. Hi started back work in Jan was offered phased return have been struggling so asked if could go parttime. Told no can't use the burtra patches no more and new medication not helping should i resign
  4. Had to go oc went was told i could go back phased return as doctor had stated trying to get hold of work recep said still waiting for report but i know they already have it
  5. Got a new sick note Sept stating i could return on phased return nothing has been organised there saying need to go to oh but still waiting and still no pay
  6. hi injured back at work now personal injury claim going through want to go back to work medical expert says reasonable that cant do job oh says no manual handling since starting on morphine do have more mobility and do feel i could job but work wont have none of it
  7. no he told me to think about it coming back on full duties and meet with him again in three weeks its a school run by a society
  8. hi had meeting was told by my line manager that its head office to discuss any payments he didnt know there are no jobs to redeploy me to they will only offer phased return but will i have to forfill all duties doctor asked for lighter duties so still no wiser
  9. I have been willing to return on phased return since june nothing was organised should i have been getting paid while they decide what there going to put in place
  10. it was just over a months wage but been off since dec 2011
  11. school starts back tomorrow no one been in touch in all this time i got holiday pay
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