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  1. An interesting question came up to day that nobody at the job centre or at the DWP could answer. I cannot apply for JSA as I am not available for work as being long term ill and a GP's note to back that up but have been refused ESA as I got zero points at the medical assessment. It has been referred upwards for a solution. Has anybody any experience of this?
  2. I have ME/CFS and have had to move 200 miles from my home town to get the hospital treatment that I need after asking the locak NHS for help for over 6 months. I have not worked for 10 months and I am claiming ESA benefit. After 5 months I have reluctantly had to rent my house out and now The Halifax want to charge me £999 for the privilage. I have asked them what this charge is for and three different people in The Halifax say three different things. 1. To protect them against the risk of me not paying the mortgage which is only £113 per month and 1/3 of the net rent. 2. A
  3. Good luck with that. I have been refused my ESA pending receipt of my appeal, was this how it was for your father? Does anybody know if this is correct? Upon receipt do they then reinstate it pending the outcome? Does anybody know where one can get a copy of the rules that the DWP has to adhere to? It may be a long document but it would be very useful for people on here. Thanks H&W
  4. Hello I am in the same situation but have ME/CFS which means that I get a score of 0 in the medical assessment but run out of energy on a regular basis and have to rest else I just crash which can put be back for weeks. Crazy thing is that the jobcentre recognise the issues and have employed experts to retrain me so that I can do work when I feel able. Try calling the BLF below as they may be able to point you in the direction of a support group. British Lung Foundation 73-75 Goswell Road, London EC1V 7ER Tel (Helpline): 08458 50 50 20 Web: www.lunguk.org The ME suppor
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