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  1. Here we go again I have sentt CCA to HFO they have cashed my £1 postal Order not provided a thing.. Ive sent the dispute letter some time ago now ...... nothing JUST GOT THIS Received a letter from Turnball etc... Dear..... Our Client HFO Capital Limited ("HFO Ireland") Original Lender B Card Account number We Act for HFO Capital Limited, a debt factoring Company incorporated under the laws of Ireland with co number 446327 ("HFO Ireland") who has been assigned your debt from HFO Capital Limited a group company incorporated in the Cayman Islands with company numbe
  2. Hi Today received B Card : copy of orginal Application so tiny - Still nothing stating who sold too HFO 72 hr notice of Litigation to my home address(Only posted dispute letter yesterday) stating they are clear i am unwilling to pay (LOL) no response from them for my request at all Do i ignore this or respond
  3. is this letter ok to send Dear Sir/Madam, Notice before Legal Action I enclose a copy of the letter I wrote to you on 18th April 2011. I have given you a reasonable opportunity to act upon my complaint. Which, you have failed to do. If you persist in contacting me at work when I have written and verbally requested you to use an alternate contact address (as above) and in writing only, I will commence legal action for compensation for harassment, and will also contact the police re: criminal harassment. OFT Guidance Unfair Practices: Para 2.2 g g. it is unfair igno
  4. Nothing in the letter and package says who and when it was sold nor does it say if more to follow from Barclays the 2nd which was a package as i had the account for some time was sent registered delivery and I had to sign for (just printed my name)
  5. NoA???? i will look over the weekend
  6. Thanks for this I will try to incorporate.
  7. Looks like the information from my SAR is arriving in batches I have recived statements today letters, reports & collections but still no agreement or notice od assignment But still time Nothing from HFO yet and I think my 12 + 2 days are over now
  8. Hi Thanks for the content advice will get sent out asap Do DCAs send things recorded delivery? as i have come home to find a Royal Mail Card delivered for a Recorded Sign for Packet and i am not expecting a delivery of anything?
  9. thankyou is there one on this site as i can not find one Paula
  10. Think Friday i can send my dispute letter as still no response to that Called barclaycard and asked for copies of who and when they sold in writing
  11. Hi All Another letter same one as previous 2 (1st to work) (2nd to home) (this one work) But to work again :-xeven thought i have sent a letter (recorded post ) to only contact me using my home address and to remove all work details. I guess more evidence for regulators Is there something i can send to them as even with a written request to remove these detail they have not.
  12. Hi all received emails back form my complaints made which is good just have forms to sign so they can use them:) also received reply to SAR all i have enclosed is statement from 2005 - Apr 2007 says in letter they are sending all personal information they have on me . Copies of statements enclosed with this letter No signed agreements No sale details I am so lost
  13. Hi all The same letter received today "Using home address" dated a different date saying the sam as before 7 days to get in touch (do I ignore and wait for a response to my cca) Also checked my Credit rReport with Equifax No Barclaycard on at all Just HFO Services Ltd has a default date of May 07 (last payment to Bcard May 06)????
  14. Hi All How does the 12 plus 2 days work over bank hols all my letters sent on 18th April guess they would receive the 19th Im having a moment sorry
  15. Hi all thanks for your help I have sent the all three letters yesterday recorded post with Postal orders.... Also had complained to Consumer Direct before my post here who logged a complaint with Trading Standards But Ive have complained to ICO & OFT with various documents and recordings So now what happens i wait 12+2 days and send dispute letter unless they respond with all information Can they take legal action? Will they still call me at work, try to talk to my manager, post stuff to work or even talk to other departments as threatened.
  16. do you send all letters in 1 envelope or seperate when addressed to the same place? I guess seperate
  17. dont think i should say just asked them to remove work contact details they refused said they would continue to use and pass my details to the litigation team and contact my HR department (tried to embarass me basically)
  18. Think you misunderstand i have a recordings
  19. What can you do with recordings what can they say and not say???
  20. Hi Thanks for this I have all things in place and made a final telephone call asking them not to call at work that i have sent letters requesting this which he still refuse to remove my work information, they refused to but I have it
  21. No Idea how long I opened the account
  22. I have moved house a couple of times so HFO letter at work the first I have seen, but they confirmeed all my details to me when they called me at work Name and Home address
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