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  1. Dear P, The original I have was issued to me when the agreement was made back in April 2005. Cheers, Spinderella
  2. Dear P, Thanks for your reply. The true copy supplied does not look any thing like my copy of the agreement. Neither copy has my signature on it. I will forward content as suggested by you and see how NW respond. Many thanks, Spinderella
  3. Dear Forum Users, Can anyone offer any views on this response from Nat West to a CCA request? Is it a "true copy" (ie: no signature and lack of full prescribed terms). Enclosed is a pdf of the CCA response with personal details blocked out. Many thanks, Spinderella. natwest.pdf
  4. I canceled it. There was nothing to reclaim as after a fight they paid out when I lost my job, but it was a hell of a fight to get them to cough up. I took over 2 years after losing my job to get a pay out and then I canceled the policy. Even that was a kerfuffle!
  5. Apologies for delay in supplying image. Enclosed as follows:- natwest.pdf
  6. Thanks for your prompt reply. I'll scan the image tomorrow at work and upload tom pm. Stay tuned, Spinderella
  7. I don't have a scanner - here's an iphone shot. Will scan if image is useless
  8. NatWest responded to my CCA request 10 days past deadline, which included "apologies" in their written response for their delay. The document sent by NatWest is according to them a "true copy". However there is no signature on the form and only an annual % rate of APR. The T&C section supplied in response to the CCA request looks very different to the original versions sent, which were supplied separately from the loan agreement. There is no signature on my original loan agreement form, which I still have on file. The original agreement was for a unsecured loan for £6.5K taken out in
  9. Dodgy CCA request? Nat West responded to my CCA request 10 days over deadline. The document sent is according to them a "true copy". There is no signature on the form, only an annual APR and the T&C section supplied look different to the original versions sent. The original agreement was for a unsecured loan for £6.5K taken out in April, 2005. Do I smell a rat? Is this loan unenforceable due to lack of signature, re-hashed T&C plus non specific APR? Many thanks if anyone can shed light on this on. By the way, I've not heard anything again from Triton or Nat Wes
  10. Dear 2Grumpy, 12 days + 2 and still no response from Triton to my CCA request, despite fee/s being taken. Please let the forum have feedback on your request to Triton cease processing your personal data! Good luck. Stay tuned, Spinderella
  11. Dear Coleman72, I think so. Best check with the template letters. Don't know about credit cards - so best to find out from other forum users. Your third point - check with the other forum users as I'm a bit of a novice in this department.
  12. Dear 2Grumpy, Thanks for your reply. I will post if I hear anything back. Point taken about payplan. Cheers,
  13. Dear Forum users, A long time debt I had with Nat West ( being managed by Payplan since Nov 08 by monthly payments) has just recently been transferred to those lovely people at Triton. Triton send me a rather threatening letter, but Payplan said they would deal with them on my behalf. I then (as the forum suggested) wrote to Nat West and asked them if they could confirm the relationship with Triton/if my debt was sold on. I also served the CCA letter on Triton for good measure. I have heard nothing since from Triton. However I have received some statements from Nat West, which a
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