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  1. Well obviously no-one who has replied so rudely to what I put actually thoroughly read my last post ? As I did thank Ellen for her advice and help She is brilliant on this site I am actually allowed to have an opinion Thank you to Lynda who can actually read and yes I am now very hopeful that when I appear to defend my house it will be saved. Thank you to Ellen too Everyone else- nah aint got time:rolleyes:
  2. i understand that this is a self help site and am glad that we got the advice that we needed but also that people who are vulnerable would only read on here what they wanted to hear... I was a tad angry yesterday as was asked by my legal rep if i understood the statement given to me to add on the N244 form and I did not especially the bit about cheltenham and gloucester verses someone ( whats that?) so carry on giving advice Ellen as you do give very good advice and we have followed it in the past. Luckily i can afford the legal fees which are minimal in this case but think it is a better route to follow. Thanks for all your help - we do appreciate it and that other guys comment - yeah whatever mate you do not know the half of it so dont make assumptions about people you've never met or spoken to - prat
  3. we have decided to get proper legal advice from a solicitor who I think could help us and give me a defense statement that i actually understand As after reading what you have entered into what we should put - sorry doesnt make sense to me i know you are on this site and are trying to help people but i think that you should be telling people to seek legal advice also and not to depend on what you are saying totally which I did until I spoke to someone yesterday. I now have actual hope that this will be resolved and that the mortgage solicitor will not have any idea what our defense is going to be in this matter. As you never send anything to the mortgage company or their solicitors - everything goes to the Court as they are making the decision I dont think i will visit this site again
  4. so the story gets stranger .... just had a letter from the mortgage comany wanting us to urgently call or send them a letter about our secure proposals to pay off the arrears on the account ? I have tried to phone them a couple of times but 'due to unforseen circumstances they are unable to take my call at this time' Should I offer to pay what our budget says we can? The mortgage plus the £150 off the arrears each month Looking at the eviction notice it does state at the top that the claimant can stop the eviction if an arrangement has been reached? slightly confused please help Thanks Julie
  5. hi thank you so much - phew that is quite briliant. what a weight of our minds -we will take to the court asap thanks again and we will let you know how we gt on Julie
  6. sorry got to go now - got early start in the morning I will be on here again tomorrow at some point Thanks for all your help so far and speak to you via this website tomorrow Julie
  7. hi if possible yes we would - might mean borrowing the money but would show the mortgage company that as soon as we were able to pay the mortgage and the arrears we did so - is that what you think? and shows our committment to pay and carry on paying it as now in full time employment i am slightly annoyed that really this is there fault as should of taken the arrears and the mortgage payment at the same time as they told us by letter they would via direct debit anyway great idea ju
  8. hi yes all the statements we have received show the charges to the account Thanks Julie
  9. as of 01 July 2009 our mortgage arrears were £7937.85. We get charged £26 if the direct debit fails, £25 arrears fee, £25 for them to contact us! We have a statement dated July 2009.
  10. the arrears are approx 9 thousand we expected the mortgage company to take our normal mortgage payment plus the agreed amount, however, upon checking we have found that they just taken the mortgage payment from our bank account (we had set up a direct debit) ok what about £150 ? we can definately afford that! and if we can afford anymore we will make a further payment?
  11. we have spent all day calculating all our outgoings etc., and we can comfortably afford £200 per month on top of our mortgage payments. We have calcuated this amount - so even if the mortgage rate increases - we will still be able to afford the mortgage plus £200. thank you for all your help i know this is a complicated one !
  12. the full time job that she was offered actually fell thru in Jun/Jul this year - however her previous employers ,the MOD, have re-employed her (they made her job redundant) and she started at the beginning of August hence we paid our mortgage on 01 Sep 09. And now we have received a notification of eviction.
  13. fortunatly my sister had her wits about her and has printed the form off!!!
  14. yes not a problem we have both taken the day off to try to get our budget sheet worked out. I will be on line this evening. thank you again
  15. Thank you so much. Could you give us a few pointers about the form - are we asking the judge to suspend the warrant now our circumstances have dramatically changed? Our financial situation changed due to the fact my sister was made redundant by the MOD (well her job was) however they have now asked her back and this is her first month of work (at last!) yes we struggled very much trying to pay everything off - so the mortgage did unfortunatly not get paid. Yes the mortage is in joint names. thank you again Ellen all your help is very helpful and may mean we can both sleep tonight and not worry ourselves sick!
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