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  1. if i was u i would cancel your debit card and order a new one and also instruct your bank not to set up any direct debit from these people.
  2. heres what i do if i know someone has left the store without paying for items they have concealed i stop them outside the store and ask them to come back into store. i then explain to them what i have seen via cctv and they come clean and give the goods back i then inform them that they are being detained for theft and the police are being called. they then give me there details sometimes they refuse and wont give them until the police arrive. the police then arrive and i tell the police what has happend they then view the evidence cctv etc. and they then place the person under arrest i mak
  3. the store oh and just so everyone knows i always ask the person to come back into store because i have a problem with there shopping and needless to say on most occassions they know they have been caught and agree to come back if they dont agree to come back most times reg plates are passed to the police and followed up that way but the police always view cctv first. if people have blatantly walked out of the shop with something they hand it back most times and then make a run for it. in my view why run after them if you have got the goods back and its always captured on cctv
  4. yes we do keep cctv and yes civil recovery ask if police were involved i personally didnt know we could civil rec a person if the police werent called but i have recently been told otherwise.
  5. dont get on ya high horse i only stop people if i have cctv evidence that a crime has been commited only someone stupid and that is not me would stop someone with out evidence. oh yeah an am a girl. if for some reason i lose them in store via cctv and cannot account for there actions all the way round the store i dont stop them. and i do know what i am doing as i have been well trained. also the police do not have to attend. you can still civil recovery someone if you have evidence.
  6. just to say if a person has been stopped and taken back into store even if the police do not attend you can still civil recovery that person unless that person is a minor under the age of 18yrs. i know i am a security officer in a large retail store this is my job and i do it everyday. provided you are 100% certain they committed the offence then again a good security officer will not stop anyone unless they are 100% sure they had committed the crime. and in my experience the police always come for a minor
  7. the large retailer where i am a security colleague always call the police for a minor
  8. the last one which we got today said it was from GM-LAW SOLICITORS if this helps
  9. hi all hope you can be of some assistance, my son took a loan out with welcome finance approx 2yrs ago for 2000 although the money was put in his bank account and he used it he never ever signed a credit agreement it was all done by telephone a credit agreement was sent out but was never signed and sent back. will he still have to pay back this money. i must say in all this he did come out of work before payments started and has never made a payment. but letters have started arriving for him from other agencies as regards the loan from welcome. hoping for some advice
  10. i dont know were we stand with this but a couple of years ago my son got a loan off welcome financefor about 3000 however although the money was put in my sons bank account direct and he used it he did not ever sign any credit agreement, i know this sounds strange but does he actually have to repay this or is this there mistake. he came out of work a couple of weeks later and has not actually made any repayments however he has had a few letters from them,
  11. just letting you know, if a minor is stopped for shoplifting (that is under the age 18) 18)the police are always called but they cannot be civil recoveried as they are too young. sometimes the police will caution them or give them a fixed penalty of approx £40.00 and a banning order from the shop they stole from and any other branches of that shop.
  12. i can tell ya what to do as i know exactly if your item is on there electrical list and is less than a year old they will replace it as long as it is an asda own product they can also give a refund but if you dont have a receipt they will put it on a gift card. no problem trust me i worked for them on customer services also if they originally gave you a replacement and you had a receipt they should of given you a new receipt and your 1 year guarantee will run from then.
  13. hi im new to this site, ive recently had problems with brighthouse, i have been a customer for over 15 years and never had problems until recently. with changing to monthly salary i fell behing with my payments. i now pay for my items monthly except for my laptop which i pay weekly. with the climate the way it is at the moment i was 3 wks late paying for my laptop although i rang and sed i wudnt be able to pay until a certain date i still got letters phonecalls and visits. i then rang to pay yesterday and told them i wasnt going to paythe osc for the last 3 wks because i havnt been covered i
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