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  1. I was using MSE for the bank charges. I am now challenging for UCA's. So if I was doing it by myself, where do I start? Will it cost anyway etc?? (Barrister fees etc...) THanks for your advice so far... I am actually reconsidering
  2. Car2403, Thanks for your post.Totally understand what you're saying. However, it's not just a cost isssue. Working two jobs at the moment so dont have enough time to be doing it on my own. I have learned first hand not to do things by myself..... Bank Charges. I tried this on my own, and with the help of moneysavingexpert.com. But didn't get anywhere. I have spoke to a few people regarding these claims companies. They seem to recommend Brunel Franklin. Thye also have a barrister on their books, who will assess the case. This can cost hundreds of pounds anyway.
  3. I was contacted by Brunel Franklin after I had made a web enquiry. The person I was speaking with was extremely friendly and provided comprehensive information regarding Unenforceable Credit Agreements (UCA's). I was impressed, but slightly wary, as there are many claims companies popping up daily, so I did some research. They are regulated by the Financial Ombudsman Service, the FSA and the Ministry of Justice, as well as the Claims Standards Council. There is alot of speculation about whether UCA's are actually legitimate. There were test cases sent to Chester County Cour
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