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  1. Thank you BRIGADIER2JCS I am waiting to hear from Lowell to see who the put default on. I am just waiting on experian to get back to me in regards to my credit report so once I have the information I'll take it from there once again thanks again BRIGADIER2JCS x
  2. Hi everyone, I really need some help well a couple of days ago I received a whole load of letters from Lowell Financial in regards to Dollar Financial whom are trading as The Money Shop. Around about 2010 I did have a loan with TMS. I was working at the time but became unemployed and I couldn't afford to repay them so came to an arrangement to pay obviously I got the usual threatograms in the post and then heard nothing off them until last month when they have said that the arrears balance was £0.00 this was from Castlebridge Credit Management Services (Inhouse debt collectors). I also em
  3. I don't think its fair its not the child's fault no offence
  4. Hi, I really need help I contacted Chantry Collections last night as I have an outstanding CCJ from Ablemarble & Bond (A stupid pay day loan I couldn't afford to pay and I really have learnt my lesson) anyway I got a CCJ off Chantry Collections (after reading several posts on here I believe they are a inhouse debt collecting agency). Anyways I willfully put my hands and state that I owe this money but after being with several so called (Fee charging debt management companies that have made my situation worse I haven't received anything from them. Well yesterday evening I contacte
  5. Hi sorry for the late reply elpulpo I have managed to reclaim the money back from my ex employer. ACAS (which is like a union for employment issues) really helped me out and I explained my situation and I told them that they didn't pay anyway last week I got a call to say that they are willing to settle my case and offer me my money. I should get a cheque within the next 14 days .
  6. Hi thanks for your help I am now with CCCS at a payment I can now afford I'm so happy thanks for your help
  7. Hi, I really need some advice, basically I have been messed around by 3 or 4 debt management companies. the last 1 that I had ive now complained to the ombudsman. I am currently with Kensignton Financial but I can't afford the monthly fee they are charging me. I told my case manager and all they do if im "in arrears" is send reminder text messages and letters to say that my payment hasn't been made. I have contaced CCCS and payplan to see if they can help. Has anbody else had any dealings with Kensington Financial? I really can't afford it anymore, I am being made redundant in May and the last
  8. Hi people's Basically I need some help and advice I worked for a printing company back in 2007 - I was 17 at the time young and desperate for a job and the money. To cut a long story short I felt like I was forced to leave because me and my boss lets say we didn't get on and because he had a bad experience with women he would take all his anger and frustration out on me. I worked up until the 1st May 2007 when I handed in my notice and said that I wasn't coming back (and at the time I had a new job and they were eager for me to start asap). The thing that's come to light is they didnt pay
  9. Hiya, Sorry I've not applied to the post I've just had a lot going on. That email address someone has tried to contact me regarding the Orange issue, I need to contact them again today so I will let you know what has happened. Bubzy in terms of "have I used a blackberry before?" yes I have I quite like the phone and I find them relatively easy to use. Modern technology is not a problem with me after all I am a kid of the 80's
  10. Sorry this is over a couple of months I read that article in the times and it's terrible I am disgusted to know that the banks carry on like that. It's just good that I want to get out the sooner the better.
  11. This is what they put in the email on wednesday I've mangaged to retrieve them: Dear Miss *****,Customer Reference: ******Thank you for placing your order with Dial-a-Phone. We regret to inform you that your contract/Pre Pay order has been unsuccessful on this occasion; this may be due to one of the following reasons: 1) Your card company were unable to verify and authorise your details - My account is a current account therefore I would have a debit card that is linked to my account, I for one have learnt my lesson with credit cards. The last time I checked my bank I had a credit balance on
  12. I hate talking to call centre agents there so rude, unprofessional and very very unhelpful. A lot of call centre staff seem to have very bad telephony manners lol. I'll just stick to writing to them. Thanks for your help Boswell. I may discontinue to use orange if this doesn't get sorted I shall keep you posted.
  13. No I paid them both off so I don't understand I've checked my CF and it shows that they have both been settled. It's stupid really they were saying at dialaphone that I have an outstanding balance with an orange mobile account in my name. Like I've previously stated I've never had a contract phone with orange, don't owe them any money i've always been on PAYG with them. it's sad really.
  14. I prefer Fitness First, I went to LA Fitness on Wednesday for there 3 free day pass, the sales team are really forceful. I personally wouldn't join LA Fitness. The equipment is outdated and the changing rooms are horrendous there is no privacy you only have 1 changing room that allows you to get dressed in private. And as for the Steam room, Sauna and Jacuzzi (it's not very considerate) unisex facilities. Don't get me wrong the only advantage LA Fitness have over fitness first is the jacuzzi, but other than that after reading these comments and actually going to there I'll stick to Fitness Fir
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