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  1. Hi I'm self employed and undertook some work for a guy I did a bit of PAT Testing for 3 years ago I stopped when he had a complaint as I wasn't happy with it and with his unprofessional manner which involved him trying to persuade me to carry on without a legal requirement which was calibrated equipment However I have a few other jobs which I did for him the same customer but different retail outlets that were signed off by the store manager stating that they were satisfied with my work and the work was complete The guy is refusing to pay me it's only £950 but it's the principle how do I write a final letter to him before starting a small claim.? Thank you Andy
  2. Called the local council ... the revenue office are not available until monday and got a reply from the company i used to work for saying they are " looking into it, is it true they can get fined if they have not completed or made an error on an attachment of earnings whilst i was in their employment?
  3. Hi in 2015 when i was working for xxx i had an attachment of earnings put in place by my local council and the money was taken out of my wages monthly untill the said debt was paid off in feb 2016 ...... now i have had a bailiff knock at my door at 6.30 am demanding money that was not paid in this order ..apparently there is a £150 shortfall that phs did not pay in error .... yet they stopped the attachment as paid in full ... i was still employed by this company til aug 2016 and to my knowledge snd belief the debt had been paid and should have been by xxx on the attachment of earnings .... its a complete nightmare before christmas as the bailiff wants £463.28 off me ... what are my rights? He issued a removal of goods notice as well yo boot! ... i have sent an e- mail to xxx to sort this out ... please help
  4. hi . my father in law died suddenly last week ..and going through all his paperwork we found he owed over 15k to various things provident. shopacheck various mobile phone companies virgin media ... gas and electricity . . when we phoned electricity company to say he had died they said we were liable for the debt .. is this true ? i always presumed to debt died with the person . .. bad enough we have to pay for his funeral let alone all this any advice will be helpful
  5. hi yes its a pcn thing is its free parking from 18.30 and he issued a ticket at 18.29 very petty
  6. hi all went to the chelsea v psg game tuesday evening parked my car in a parking bay paid the pay and display which was £3.50 per hour [ machine took £ 4 no change given } at 17.20 pm can park for free after 18-30 pm it said i thought it took the 50p extra returned to my vehicle at 18.20 to make put match programme in the vehicle and a warden was there i walked to the ticket machine as i wanted to check the times of the parking which says free after 18-30 and to my dismay the warden had written a ticket out and stuck it on my car saying contravention at 18.29 ..one minute before free parking can i appeal have i any rights
  7. apparently its because of my daughters earnings and the tax credits for there son but she only works 15 hours a week £90 per week approx ...... and they knew about thsi last year ...nothings changed basically so there joint income is £290 per week ...if they wasnt entitled to it now why did they let them have it last year ? they must have knew then ..its the councils error as my daughter gave the same details originally and again last year
  8. my daughter and son in law have been on full housing benefit for the past 18 months since my son in law has been in his job ..he renewed last year gave them all his details and they gave him full housing and council tax benefit ......anyway thsi year they had to renew and the council reviwed there claim and informed them not only was they not entitled to any benefit they had to repay all the past 18 months benfit paid to them as they wasnt entitled to it in the first palce !!! how can this be he is on a low income my daughter only works muinumum hours part time and they have a 5 year old son ..the same woman who awarded there benfit and renewed it in april 2011 has told them they have to repay as they wasnt entitled to it in the firsdt place they now been told they owe £7.500.00 in overpayment of housing benfit and over £2.00.00 in council tax any advice would be much appreciated they came to me and although i can help a little financially i feel this is wrong on them
  9. thans i did the above .....and they couldnt have been more helpful restored my line and sorted out the payment error Thanks for everything
  10. hi i have been a t-mobile business user for the past 4 years and always paid my bill on the last day of each month without fail to cut a long story short t-mobile have now moved the payment date as they said i have been paying late and have now charged me 2 bill basically and cut off my phone 3 times in the past week due to this ...i wouldnt mind but i have not gave them permission to move the payment date at all and paid the bill in full in august I am so angry i have told t-mobile that they are in breach of contract and that i am going to terminate it now with immediate effect..... am i in the right ? P.s there customer service is awful and very inpolite too
  11. oh again today had a phillips bailiff knock on my door while i was out posting a notice of attendance to my door for an amount of £612 .... wouldnt mind the fine is only £350 phoned the citizens advice about it as they dealt with this matter previously and obviously the horrible lot phillips have not listened and come for me again ...any advice would be much appreciated
  12. all done and got a letter stating the debt is now closed thanks all
  13. Hi Today i recieved an e-mail from direct legal asking me to contact them so i did and they said they were contacting me on behal of wellcome car finance over a car i had in 2002 and havent paid a penny since may 2004 I said to them this matter was now subject to the limitationact 1980 as i havent paid a penny since then and besides the car was clocked and wellcome refused to do anything about this even when i showed them the evidence They said no it isnt coz they contacted me in 2008 and spoke to me about it .... I replied to them stating they are in breech of the rules and the matter is now closed ...but they refused to stop harrasing me ..what do i do ?
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