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  1. Hi Gary, nearly done with the court bundle! i've tried to print off the link to the "Autralian Default charges report" to use as a supporting doc to my statement of evidence, but the link doesn't seem to work. I can't find that doc in the court bundle. Can you help? thanks CLaire
  2. Great thanks, this is very helpful. Let's hope the new cheque will arrive very soon! Claire
  3. one more thing- a witness statement not needed from me?! thanks CLaire
  4. Gary - you are a star!!!! many thanks CLaire
  5. Dear Gary, Please can you help advise me which docs i should include in my court bundle. My directions from the court are as below. I am ashamed to say my court date is set as 10th April and i am to submit my bundle by 4pm tomorrow. I hadn't prepared this far as i had already recieved a cheque from Natwest but had rejected it as it was made payable to my closed account. I was hoping the replacement cheque would have arrived by now (lesson learnt). I am waiting for them to re-submit the cheque but i can't not submit my bundle to the court!!! Anyway I shall be up all night preparing this so would really appreciate help to narrow down what i need to send. The following directions apply to this claim: 1). The Claimant has permission to amend the particulars of claim in the form filed in court and reservice is dispensed with. ( i had already re-submitted the claim with amendments before now to all parties). 2). Each party shall deliver to every other party and to court office copies of all documents (including experts' reports if the court has given permission for expert evidence to be used) on which he intends to rely to rely at the hearing. 3). The copies shall be delivered by 4pm on Wednesday, 14th March 2007 4). The original documents shall be brought to the hearing. 5). Signed statements setting out the evidence of all witnesses (including expert witnesses if permission has been given to use them) on whom each party intends to rely shall be prepared and copies included in the documents mentioned in paragraph 1. this includes the evidence of the parties themselves and of any other witnesses whether or not the witnesses are going to come to court to give evidence. 6). The court must be informed immediately if the case is settled by agreement before the hearing date. Gary -Should i also ring Natwest solicitors to ask if they have submitted their docs? Do you think it would be prudent to ring the court to ask for an extention? please please help anyone!!! Claire
  6. Dear all, I returned from travelling this week to a letter from Cobbets (Nat west solicitors) and a nice big cheque for full and fnal payment of just over £2000.00. I also recieved their standard response saying that it is a gesture of goodwill etc etc and i should not disclose any details of the payment. I know from prevoius posts that this is not necessary but can't find the response letter to send them. Also the muppets have written the acccount number of my NatWest bank on the cheque - the account was closed two years ago precisly because of all the money they were charging me!!!! So i can't Cash the cheque and will not be contacting the court to stop the claim until i have a new cheque and it has cleared. I believe the new stategy on this link has helped me to get my claim settled so thanks to all for the good advice. So i just need a little more help for this last letter reponse to 'Cobblers'. Good luck to all those still fighting and keep going, it's worth it in the end. Claire x
  7. Thanks for your help Ed, i've just recieved the form N244 and a bit confused about what to put on it. This is what i have planned to write (the bit in capitals) - does anyone have any opionons on this? PART A 1. I, MY NAME 2. Intend to apply for an order, a draft of which is atached, THAT AMENDS MY PARTICULARS OF CLAIM 3. Because AN ERROR WAS MADE ON THE ORIGINAL CLAIM PART B 1. I wish to rely on : tick one a. the attached(withness statement)(affidavit) b. my statement of case c. evidence in part C in support of my application I HAVE TICKED THIS ONE PART C I wish to rely on the following evidence in support of this application: 1. A COPY OF THE SCHEDULE OF CHARGES INCLUDING THE STATUTORY 8% INTEREST ACCRUED FROM THE DAY THE MONEY WAS TAKEN FROM MY ACCOUNT UNTIL THE DATE OF THE CLAIM 27th NOVEMBER 2006 2. A REVISED COPY OF THE PARTICULARS OF CLAIM (HERE I WILL JUST CHANGE THE BIT THAT WAS WRONG REGARDING THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF THE CLAIM) I'm sure this is fairly straight forward but am so used to the help on this site i can't go it alone! thanks Claire
  8. Hi Dobster, haven't heard from any one on this but i rang the court who advised me to fill in an amendment form N244 they were going to post me one last week but i still haven't recieved it. What i did, was respond to the Aq and included in my cover letter a note to say I am currently filling a N244 to amend as follows.... My uncle ( an ex solicitor) has said not to worry as claims are changed all the time. So Aq sent last thursday and still nothing in the post. Most people in the natwest forum seem to have had an offer of some sort at the Aq stage
  9. Well done Chewy, Good to here you have your offer as i was following your case after hearing that you had submitted the new approach to Aq and had sent of the draft ordr for directions. I send my Aq off last thursday with the draft and am hoping to recieve and offer very soon. Not sure my nerves can take much more of this! Claire
  10. Oh no!!!! I have just realised my POC is wrong!!!! I added on my interest twice making a claim much higher than i should have- am i doomed!!! :shock: Have rung MOCOL who have advised me to contact the local court that it was transferred to and ask them if i can change it at this stage - i think i may have to pay another fee of £35.00. With the timing of it all ( just about to send the AQ) i think i will look very stupid and probably Natwest will be rubbing their hands together in glee. Has anyone else made any changes to the POC, if so please let me know how you got on?!!!! I should prob send a letter explaining this to Cobbetts what does everyone think? HELP!
  11. Oh God oh no!!!! I told you i was crap at maths... have just realised my POC is wrong!!!! I added on my interest twice making a claim much higher than i should have- am i doomed!!! :o :o :o Assume I ring MCOl now or the court that it's been transferred to. HELP!
  12. Hi Westy, Yes i'm only claiming the basic charges plus the 8%. I didn't bother with claiming any of the interest the bank had charged over the 6 years - I didn't want to complicate my case so i'm happy with the quote on the POC. Just got to get a spread sheet which reflects this! So in theory as far as the bank are concerned the daily rate of 33p starts from the date of my claim (27th November). Is it on the total charges plus 8% on that date (£1497.50 plus £429.95 ) or just the toal of charges £1497.50?
  13. Crikey! Thanks everyone for your advice good to know i'm not the only one! Thinking about it.. when i sent my LBA to Natwest I don't think i include the interest on it ( as should only do this at claim stage) so the last sheet i submitted to Natwest was probably just the actual charges minus the interest which i can easily print off at any time. The MCOL didn't allow charges to be attached, so my POC only quotes the total of charges £1497.00 plus the 8% interest at that stage £429.95. I think i'm right in saying no one has actually had the actual charges list yet with the 8% included. I'll try the date changing on the computer (to date of claim) or otherwise I will advise on my copy to the court about it being updated daily etc etc. So.... the daily rate that i worked out for my claim MCOL was only based on the actual claim £1497.50 x 0.00022 = 33p a day. It this what the spread sheet works out anyway?!!!! sooo embarrassed to be asking this! Was absolutely useless at Maths at school but i hope that has given you a laugh anyway!
  14. Hi Chewy, I'm about to send mine so let me know how you get on. I have a question for everyone which is probably very stupid but hey here i go... ..I have no hard copies of my charges statements as sent to the banks in my initial correspondence. Therefore everytime i go into my file on my computer it updates the 8% interest. Does this mean my schedule is not ok to send to the court should they ask for it? I know i did it right at the time but as the case goes on i'm confused as to how to work out the latest total.
  15. Hi Peed'orf, From what i understand the best way is to send the letter by Ed above to the court explaining that you have been asked to fill in the Part 18 request but don't see why blar bla. Copy this letter to the defendants solicitors (in my case Cobbetts I am also sending them a copy of the AQ). That way you have actually told the court that you have supplied the information already (in all you prelim letters and LBA) and also Cobbetts are aware you have already supplied info and have aknoweldged their request but have told the court why you haven't responded in full. hope this helps.:? Claire
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