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  1. I ended up calling them up and managed to negotiate a settlement. Explained I would have nothing to lose taking them to court over the fact they didn't refund the interest on the PPI. Agreed to settle for £10K over 2 years and made my last payment today. Today has been a long time coming for me but I'm glad I no longer have this crap over my head.
  2. If the DCA cannot obtain an original copy of you CCA agreement then they cannot take any legal action to recover the funds, short of continueing to send you leers and accessing your credit report. I would excercise caution with any DCA who cannot supply a copy of a CCA as this is one of the ways that they can prove to you that they are authorised to the collect the debt.
  3. Hi all, I'd really appreciate any help or advice as I'm at my wits end here. I took out an unsecured loan on the 16.09.2002 from HFC bank. This loan was used to pay off a previous unsecured loan with the same bank. I was young and stupid at the time, though I know that doesn't help now. The loan was for £7000 and set at an interest of 24.1% and with monthly payments of 162.90 for 84 months. Totaling £1363.60 (£6683.60 interest). In addition, I was sold PPI in the form of "Life Assurance" (£830.84) and "ASU" (£1408.81) Accident, Sickness, and Unemployment. Totaling £2239.65 (£213
  4. Just spoke to someone at Littlewoods debt management/sales team. My original catalogue account went into default sometime in 2003 but she managed to find my details. It turns out that they sold the debt onto Wescot in who weren't able to find me. After that they then passed it onto Phoenix Recoveries in 2007, who in turn hired Mackenzie Hall. This would explain why they weren't aware that a previous company marked it as settled when I paid them in 2009. I've been told that the Phoenix Recoveries will now be contacted to notify them of the closure, and I will be recieving a letter of confi
  5. I just got back from the Post Office after sending the letter to Mackenzie Hall stating that the debt had been settled when I thought I'd give them a call to try and find out how they got hold of it in the first place. I was also curious as to why I was getting leters from Mackenzie Hall, yet Shop Direct Finance Company LTD provided the "credit agreement". The advisor on the phone informed me that since I requested the CCA they had sent the debt back to Phoenix Recoveries LTD at the beginning of this month. I asked for the address and contact details but he wouldn't provide them as he cla
  6. Thankyou for the handy address Pinky, and cheers for the input people. I should hopefully be able to straighten things out with Mackenziehall. I'll update this thread when/if Mackenziehall try anything new.
  7. Hi guys, I would appreciate it if I could get some input on my next course of action with Mackenziehall. Sometime back in 2003 I built up a £650.95 debt with Great Universal catalogue. No payments were made to that debt until I paid Wescot £488.21 back in January 2009. I made this payment to them over the phone with my debit card and it was agreed between myself and the Wescot representative that making a large one time payment would settle the debt and the rest would not need to be paid. I still have the letter from Wescot dated 08/01/2009 clearly stating "With reference to the
  8. SQN Services is also known as Equidept. They both have the same company address at Equity House in Warwickshire.
  9. Thanks for the responce. I was a little confused as some of the listing in the Limitation Act 1980 say 12 years. I guess the 6 years for unsecured loans would fall under the "contracts" bit. If I request a copy of the original terms and conditions, and my signature on an original contract, that wouldn't class legally as me acknolodgeing the debt? Alternatively, do I simply just send a blancket letter claiming that the debt is statute barred? I just want to make sure I'm prepared to send the correct letter.
  10. Hi all, I foolishly took out an unsecured loan from HFC back in 2002. If I was contacted about this loan from any debt collection company (probably TBI if they're still using them) would I be able to claim statute barred? I haven't had any contact with HFC, or TBI, since 2004. The last I heard from them they claimed my interest had been frozen and the last payment I made to TBI was sometime in 2004. I apologise for the question, I'm just a little confused by the legal jargon in the Limitation Act 1980. I ask as I cleared two outstanding catalogues early this year to the amount o
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