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  1. hi fizzipop. dont panic, and worry. i went bancrupt my self 3yrs ago. like yourself i had cards and more cards, and ending up owing £82,500.00 to different people. i tried to pay through the cccs, but at £700.00 a month it started to eat into my pay-packet too much and i ended up ill. i sent to the court for all the forms, filled them in with help of different sites, and hey presto, got a date and was made bancrupt, after 6months, i came out of bancruptcy. the first thing to do is get all your paperwork together, and put it in some sort of order, and then follow instructions that come with your court papers, and remember ASK for help, if i can be of any help just get in touch. scousemonk.
  2. hi pete. just read the junk that came with the agreement. it is just your run of the mill cca. no mention of debt. it does say that a credit check will be made and services are supplied subject to status. i have there legal department address so will try and get a properly worded letter together, have they breached any rules.? regards scousemonk
  3. thanks pete. we signed up over the phone and then was sent an agreement to send back to them. i will read through my copy and let you know whether it says anything about former debts. regards scousemonk.
  4. hi my wife has had the same problem with virgin. what happened was we signed up for virgin and they did a credit check, all ok, were given an installation date. in the mean time virgin cancelled my bt line and aol broadband, (i cancelled sky.). my wife phoned virgin to see if they could install it any earlier, the girl told my wife that it wasnt being installed as she owed £126.64 from 1999, my wife panicked and paid the money. then we where given a new installation date. is this against the law, she is mortified that she allowed virgin to cancel everythink, and we could have been left without,phone, tv and broadband. i am disabled and we need the phone and that was the only reason she paid. i am now wishing my life away till next june so i can get rid of these cowboys. scouemonk
  5. hi i have sent three letters to 3g at there so called customer care centre. i have had 4 phone calls in two days, they ask for there money and i have told them that when i get a reply from customer care i will deal with it in writing. i have been with them for over 10yrs, and i asked them about being a long standing customer, and i want replies to my letters, and no phone calls. so it looks like a long road for me, and 3g if i give them half of what i have left after my living expenses, and other things, i dont know can anybody tell me what half of nothing is. scousemonk
  6. hi willy. i think you should get in touch with debt management company that do not charge, cccs are not a charity, they are sponsored by the banks, you will need to be honest with these people, and get them to do a debt management plan to suite your needs, you may find more information as you go through these posts. but it is up to you. regards;scousemonk
  7. hi i got one as well. dont understand why. i went bancrupt and they where one of my creditors. scousemonk.
  8. hi bbnb. i was rather surprised myself, i have always had the habit of copying everything 3 times, and with having my phone through my isp i can take the name of who ever i speak to and the time and match the two together. i think the reason they gave me the money back without any fuss was because i had logged 10 different calls with 10 different people at kensington. so they knew i wouldnt just go away. i will keep you all up to speed on how i get on with reliable. regards; scousemonk
  9. hi everybody. recieved a chq from kensingtons today. it took some very serious talking and a few bits i had read on this web site. i am now dealing with reliable direct, so i will see what happens. theanks too everybody for your help. regards; scousemonk.
  10. hi everybody. has anybody got a telephone number for reliable. regards; scousemonk
  11. hi bbnb. may be i am the unlucky one but i dont like their cavalier attitude. scouse
  12. well now for the serious stuff. in the begining there was £10.00 offered by me to all of my creditors, then came reliable/kensington. my creditors where firstly offered between £1.57 & £10.00. i wrote to my creditors and again offered £10.00. then along came reliable/kensington. reliable in there letters this morning have stated that most of my creditors have accepted £5.00 per month. forwarded every 28 days from kensington fmc. we also confirm that no further service charge will be applied providing that the agreement is adhered to. failure to comply to this agreement will result in further action and possible costs being applied along with the resumption of service charges. am i being backed into a corner here, if i was still with kensington i would have to pay them £100.00 per month, they would then pay my creditors £50.00, who gets the other £50.00. the hole is getting bigger for these idiots. regards; scouemonk
  13. hi everybody. this one is for the total idiots at jd williams/reliable, if you have ever had an e-mail of any of these companies, you will see that it asks you to think of the planet when considering to print the message. have you got all of that? i got six yes six letters off reliable this morning, all in seperate envelopes. well thats the planet considerd. scousemonk.
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