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  1. Sorry for my incredibly late reply - I thought nobody was replying so left it and continued my research. I believe the same as yourself, although with any luck, I will off of it by then for positive reasons. Thanks for your response.
  2. With parts of Universal Credit being delayed again, does the statement from Damien Green MP, which says “The managed migration of existing benefit claims will start in July 2019 and complete in March 2022,” mean that Working Tax Credits will continue to exist via HMRC until July 2019 and not until then will claimants then be asked to claim UC instead, or will the planned end to Tax Credits still end next year? Thank you.
  3. Well, I sent all my evidence (2nd Jan) and today received the all clear, so it's not all horror stories BUT i'm sure they'll find another way to try and stop my WTC. My advice would be to get as many people as possible to write to them to confirm your situation and/or ask them for their permission to put their contact details in your covering letter to them so if Concentrix wish to contact them for their confirmation of your situation, then it's up to them to do so. It's what I did and being open with them and offering them many opportunities to gain information from people you know,
  4. Update. They have reviewed my claim and no amendments will be made.
  5. Thanks. Yes we are paid on the 25th, or the Friday before if the 25th falls on a weekend.
  6. Thanks sidewinder and Becky. Food for thought. I did have a contract when I first started nearly 3 years ago but I have no idea where it is now. It got mislaid after works on the house. I have asked a few times and have been told they'll search it out for me but always gets forgotten. I shall ask again as I can then try and work out if the staff meetings are contractual. I only debate it as the person who says it is, is well known for making things up to suit them but then never provides evidence and I don't remember that far back as to whether it was there or not. For NMW
  7. Many thanks. That's sorted then and thanks for your replies in red to my other post.
  8. Thanks for the reply. This bit interests me most. Is it 4.5 hours or longer or OVER 4.5 hours. The under 18 works 9am-1.30pm on a Saturday. He is insistent that he is entitled to 30 mins, my workplace say he is not but give him 15 minutes as 'goodwill'.
  9. Another couple of (hopefully quick) questions. We don't get paid for staff meetings - they are out of hours but only about one hour every couple of months, although it's annoying due to getting there of an evening. Most of our staff are on minimum wage. Due to not being paid, as these meetings are not optional, does this mean this would drop workers under the NMW even if they have signed a contract waiving the right to pay for staff meetings? And... If you ask for a copy of your contract, how long does your employer have to provide you with a copy? Many thanks again f
  10. It's retail. No real heavy lifting although sometimes can be a little bit (hardware store). Computer screens are tills only. Many thanks for the replies renegadeimp and unclebulgaria67 I didn't think it was right about the contract either
  11. Most places say under 18 need a 30 min break over 4.5 hours of work but the odd place says 18 year olds also need that 30 minute break. We also have a 17 year old (who started the whole debate) who insisted on his 4.5 hour contract he was entitled to half an hour, but that's wrong and then one of my colleagues said if they sign a contract waving their right to a break anyway, the law doesn't matter (but I disagree with that bit) From what i've read, I think: 16-17 year olds - 30 min break over 4.5 hours work 18 year olds are treated as fully grown adults The law will alwa
  12. We have a debate at work (and HR is being contacted) where an 18 year old in full time education who works on a Saturday for 5 hours currently gets a 15 minute paid break. I've looked around and some sites say under 18's need 30 minutes break for anything over 4.5 hours work, some sites say it's 16-18 year olds inclusive. One colleague says that if she has signed a contract, then the law doesn't matter as she's signed a contract agreeing to just 15 minutes break, but surely that's wrong? Does anyone please have a definitive answer? Many thanks.
  13. Yep, no relationship and own bedroom which is fairly obvious to anyone who would visit. In fact, we had a home inspection merely 3 weeks ago and the local officer knows my joint tenant through a mutual friend and could confirm this. It's just worrying as I know from various experiences and reading of others woes about this and other issues just how wrong decisions can be made. Many thanks for your reply.
  14. I'm the latest it seems to get the dreaded letter. "We have new information that suggests their is someone at your address linked to you" Now, I have a joint tenant who HMRC say isn't part of my household. They share the flat, but we have separate bedrooms and lives. We have never been in a relationship and she is on the housing list to find her own place. We currently live in a housing association rented property. I have asked my landlord to send me a letter confirming our tenancy is a joint tenancy which they are going to do. They want copies of all utility bills - over 3
  15. Despite contacting my local council several times via letter, email and phone clearly and concisely, they keep sending me an incorrect bill. The worst thing is, i'm trying to tell them that it should be higher! (Confusing due to small period of the year being on benefits and then getting CT Run on but them not accepting that I am no longer on benefits despite them accepting it for Housing Benefit cancellation) If I carry on paying what I believe to be the right amount, will it go into my CT account and show on next years bill as being paid, so when they finally get it right, it's bee
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