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  1. here is the letter im drafting for the council can you tell me what you think please Account reference xxxxxx Jacobs Ref: no xxxxxx Dear Sir/Madam I write to you to enquire as to when a liability order was made against me for my council tax bill The only communication that I have from yourselves is dated the 19 October 2009 and this is my first reminder for the amount of £89.12 I first received a visit from a Mr M on the 11 November 2009 my son informed him that I wouldn’t be home until Friday 13 November 2009 but Mr M returned on the Thursday 12 November 2009 whic
  2. ok by using links on this wonderful forum i have done a search on the so called certificated bailiff and would you believe it he is not there???? hmmmmm
  3. all he did was post NOTICE OF SEIZURE OF GOODS & INVENTORY through my letter box this morning after i refused to do a levy and the only thing on it is my dads car i paid £40 this morning to the council online as thats all i can afford until i get paid next week when i get paid i have no problems paying what i owe and then setting up a standing order with the council for the rest of the council tax im not denying that i owe the debt but i do think they are being a bit keen my son tells me that when the bailiff called round on wednesday 11-11-09 and asked for me he told them
  4. hi ive been reading the threads about the bailiffs and council tax ect am i correct in thinking that they have to have a liability order from the courts before they can appoint a bailiff? all i have received from the council is a council tax first reminder notice for the sum of £89.12 this was dated the 19-10-09 surely they havent had time to go to court for the liability order yet? it is not even a month between getting the first reminder and the bailiff calling round also i was reading jacobs website and i found thisat form of Identification should the bailiff carry.The
  5. hi i had a visit from jacobs bailiffs this morning re outstanding council tax debt of 2 months amounting to £174.41 they first came to my home on the 11-11-09 and said the debt is £198.91 + costs then they returned yesterday the 12-11-09 new amount being £216.91 + costs then they returned again this morning 13-11-09 and this time i was home new balance is now £269.41 he asked if he could come in and do a levy but i refused he then said ok and walked away but before he asked about doing the levy he said i could pay it off at £40 a month which i agreed to do but after i said that
  6. how do i start a new post please i need advice urgent
  7. you may find out that the courts will NOT take it back due to there being a distess warrant issued on your case ( this is what happened to me) i cant even get them to take it back on the vulnerable person issue I hope that you have better luck with them than i have had Good Luck xx
  8. in my calculations my distress warrant ran out the other day being 180 days have you been told when the distress warrant was issued against you? find out and do a count down they wont return your case to court until it has you can find out by ringing the courts what date it was issued Good Luck Cat xx
  9. I have that in an email and will be printing it out at the librabry to take to a solicitors to sign when i have the money to do they havent said that a warrant for my arrest has been issued just that they may return it to court where they MAY issue a warrant for my arrest i think it is just scare tactics
  10. ok here is a copy of the email i have sent to philips in reply to thier letter My ref: Re you letter dated 9 June 2009 Thank you for your recent letter in responce to my email I was not given any opportunity by the court on this matter as the hearing was in dec 07 and i moved from that property in Jan 08 When i called you in February I was told i had to pay £80 a month and i explained my circumstances to the person who took my call they did NOT tell me that i could make token payments just that they can only accept £80 a month on my account Can you ple
  11. lol wish i had thought of that but: does that still apply if it is a court fine? with a distress warrent? oh good luck by the way and i will be watching this thread to help me with my own problems with philips did the courts try to contact you before philips got involved? as with mine i had no contact from HMCS at all
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